October 2010


Happy Halloween! This year I dressed as Sadako/Samara from Ringu/The Ring, which sufficiently creeped out everyone at my department's annual Halloween party. I won first place in the costume contest and a 40 dollar gift certificate to the Strand (this marks 3 wins in the past 5 years by the way- 2 first place and 1 second place). But wait! It gets even better! Edouard won second place at the costume contest this year. He decided to pull a Pierre and go as Edward Cullen from Twilight. Some people think that Edouard looks like him anyway, and the costume was simple and easy, requiring only fangs and body glitter. Plus, I could go around calling him "Edward," which made things even more convincing for all present. Edouard won a 25 dollar gift certificate to iTunes. His costume cost about 10 dollars, and mine cost about 16 (for an ugly nightgown from K-mart... the TV, I made from some box I dug up). It's nice to turn a profit on Halloween and I'm very proud of us, since we were both able to share the glory despite us not doing a couples costume.

By the way, I found Ringu and The Ring to be the most terrifying things I've ever watched. I had a hard time getting ready for bed for two years until I saw The Ring 2, which was a horrible movie and thankfully horrible enough to act as an antidote for any lingering fears I had from the first film. That said, Sadako/Samara still gives me the heebeegeebees and I still don't like the idea of sleeping anywhere with a TV in the room. Japanese ghosts are creepy and persistent... they're like zombies but more terrifying because they're not physical beings that can be "double killed" like vampires. Watching them sulk around with their long black hair and funeral dress is really disturbing as well... I'll be sure to do some more practice sulking before I go out tonight.

Stay safe and don't eat the candy from men sitting in large, white vans!



Well as usual, it was my fault that the comic didn't upload on GoComics.com site. I apparently didn't name the file correctly! ooops... =/

Anyway.... this comic refers to the very controversial indie film Brown Bunny, which features a real, honest to god, sexual interaction at the end of the film. I know my primary demographic are college aged-people in their 40s, but I do have some younger folks reading... so if you want to know what it is I'm talking about specifically, you're just going to have to google it. I have actually never seen it myself.

Movies watched while inking: La Cage aux Folles- I decided to click on the sequel to this movie to see if they linked it to the original (see blog entry below about my previous problem), and it worked. This movie is word for word the Birdcage, though there are some subtle differences. The only thing that makes The Birdcage better for me is the final wedding scene, where you see the gross difference between the bride and groom's side at the wedding. However, the person that plays "the son" in La Cage aux Folles, in my opinion, was better cast than in The Birdcage, since he actually looks like a young, college age man whereas I always thought the person playing Van from The Birdcage looked a bit too old for the part. I also watched Moon, which was a pretty good psychological thriller directed by Duncan Jones, David Bowie's son. That alone should make you want to watch this movie, but it also includes friendly robots, moon harvesting, existential crises, and clones. I also saw a French film called Thomas in Love, which is about an agoraphobic young man who hasn't left his house in 8 years and only communicates to others through his video phone. It takes place in some weird future where the French government provides medical prostitutes to the ill and where you can wear cyber suits to do it with people all around the world. I thought the format of the film was interesting (you never see the Thomas's face) but plot-wise, it might have been missing something. Finally, "King of the Hill's" 13th and final season just got released on netflix instant watch so I'm finishing that up currently.



I've been feeling an incredible lack of motivation lately. I feel that I've been doing nothing but procrastinating in very unsatisfying ways, such as playing with facebook or reading random wikipedia articles. If I'm going to be taking advantage of free time, I wish it was for something worth while, like going to the gym or discovering some new part of New York. Obviously this funk won't last forever, but I wish I would get over it already, because right now I feel like my weekends are going to waste.

Oh well...

Anyway, movies watched while inking!:

La Cage aux Folles 2: I was initially very confused when I started watching this, because I had clicked on the link for the original La Cage aux Folles and I was wondering why it seemed so different from The Birdcage (which is the American remake, btw)! Anyway, because of this linking error on netflix instant watch, I ended up watching the sequel, which was a silly spy movie, but still pretty funny. I don't think I would necessarily recommend it though. Before that I watched a very very depressing, dark film called Les sept jours du Talion. I watched it, of course, hoping to improve my French listening comprehension but because it's a French-Canadian film, I could barely understand anything. Anyway, it is about a man who seeks vengeance on the person who raped and murdered his 8 year old daughter. It involves a lot of graphic torture scenes, but it's really the psychological aspect of the film that is truly disturbing (that and seeing the murdered 8 year old girl in the middle of a park was perhaps a bit too convincing). This film was perhaps a bit too sobering for me, and in the end, I've seen movies with this basic plot done better.



10/10/10 is an awesome date. Its a round number, which I like, and in binary it's 42... which doesn't really mean anything but it's still cool.

I've made some good progress on my dissertation proposal but now it's going to need some major restructuring. I feel like this is never gonna get done! Thankfully, I'm learning to shift back into my usual levels of high productivity.

I haven't talked about "Movies Watched While Inking" in a while so I'm just going to list them all and only make annotations when I feel like a movie needs it: Some Folks Call it A Switch Blade (the short film that later developped into Swing Blade- if you've seen Swing Blade, dont' bother with this short since it's basically identical to the first 20 minutes of the full length movie.), Bunny Lake is Missing, The Princess and the Frog (getting closer to the magic of early 90s Disney animated features), The Young Victoria, Cool World (awful, a complete mess- I can't believe this came out several years after Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I would also like to add that I know from first hand experience that Ralph Bakshi is a jerk), And Then There Was One (the kind of emotionally manipulative made for TV movies that I love), Stress: Portrait of a Killer (a great documentary about the physical and mental side effects of stress. I am apparently dying slowly from it), The Three Faces of Eve, and The Hospital.

Currently I am watching the first season of Intervention, which is a documentary TV series about the realities of various addictions. The most recent season has mostly dealt with alcoholism and drug addictions, but the first season also talks about things like gambling and video game addictions. This show is engrossing, but one can only watch so much of it at a time...

By the way, my good friend and former boss at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, Matt. Murray, is going to be on an episode of "Forensic Files" on October 22nd. He plays the murder victim!