September 2010


So I don't know how many of you know this but when it comes to weddings, I am very much like my character Donna. I am a little obsessed with them. For the past 10 years I've been on top of every wedding trend (from the dress to reception details) and kept an internal running list of things I would and would not want to have at my own wedding. That said, I am proud to say that I didn't end up being a Bridezilla (unless my bridesmaids were lying to me)- the trick is to let go of the things out of your control and to be flexible with your ideas.

For instance, growing up in California, I always just assumed that I was going to have an outdoor wedding. Being in New York, I knew that this was just not in the cards (since the weather is so unpredictable) and I planned a New York City wedding that I know I would want to have. I brought in some outdoorsy elements to my venue- I had the ceilings lit in a twilight blue to make a "sky canopy" for dinner, which then dimmed down to a darker blue for dancing. It was cool.

You know what else I would have wanting for my wedding? Chiavari chairs. I never imagined having any other type of chair. I think they're beautiful and the most weddingy. Unfortunately, my venue did not have chiavari chairs and to rent them would be $7.50 a chair, which I wasn't about to do because that adds up to a couple thousand dollars in the end. I let it go because I knew that in the end people were not going to care about what kind of seats they were sitting in. And you know what? I was right.

Anyway, Edouard and I had the perfect wedding- it met and exceeded my own expectations, which is saying a lot. I got to have a beautiful ceremony in a church (something I never imagined doing), and an amazing reception at a nearby private event space. Everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time and so did I. I even got to eat all of my food, which people say you don't get to do. (Though to be honest, you're so full of emotions that day, you end up not being that hungry). Yes, I'm going to have to toot my own horn again and say that I did pretty well without a wedding planner. It's nice to know that if I fail as an Egyptologist, I can fall back on being an event coordinator.

Here are some teasers that my professional photographer sent me:

By the way, from September 3rd- 22nd, David, web master for CLV, is going to be uploading the comics onto this website. He's on California time.