August 2010


Edouard and I are married! No post partum depression yet! Pictures to come soon!



Today's our wedding day! Weeeeird!



It's one week until the wedding! EEK.

My friend, Matt Murray, is a smurfologist and the former president and director of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NY. He has a blog all about smurfology- the study of smurfs (being the expert and all) where he is posting sketches from a smurf sketchbook that he started. The project is called "It Takes a Village" and I was asked to participate when I saw him at the SDCC. You should check it out. There are other pages that include some amazing talent and it's fun to see how everyone interprets the original blue men. See my page here- it's rated PG-13.

Movies while inking: Five Little Pieces, a Jack Nicholson film recommended to me by my dad. It's a good character study. Woman Under the Influence, which was a pretty depressing movie about a very dysfunctional family. Slow moving but good. Memento, which I have amazingly not seen until now. Everyone always talks about how good it is so I decided to watch it. I have to say I was engrossed and I like the "backwards" narrative sequence. Basketcase 2, the sequel to Basketcase, which is a disgusting campy horror film. It involves a deformed former conjoined twin who lives in a basket that his normal looking brother carries around. There is also a nasty "amorous scene" invovling the conjoined twin with another deformed conjoined twin- their spawn appears in Basketcase 3: The Progeny, which is now in queue. Thanks to my friend Denise for introducing Basketcase for me. Then I watched Mon meilleur ami (My Best Friend), which is a French movie about a guy who realizes he has no friends. It was pretty good and heartfelt! A true bromance! I also watched Rabbit Proof Fence, which showed me that Australia used to be a pretty horribly racist place until relatively recently- very good movie though. Session 9- in my opinion, a pretty contrived horror movie about an abandoned asylum. I was expecting a lot more and was very disappointed. I also finished Gorillas in the Mist, which was overall pretty boring, but it reminded me why I'm scared to go to most places in Africa.



I would like to reiterate that planning a wedding is not that stressful. I'll tell you things that are stressful: a close friend/family member/pet dying, studying for orals, the end of the semester, forgetting to set your alarm clock and waking up 10 minutes before your'e supposed to be somewhere. These are all unpleasant, stressful things. Wedding planning? You give yourself as much time as you need, you ask for help, and you let the slightly irritating stuff go. I think the days, weeks, and months leading up to a wedding are happy times and people should embrace them and enjoy them as much as you can. If you keep looking to the future after the wedding, you'll miss everything that's happening right now.

Movies watched while inking!

I finished Season 12 of King of the Hill. Since Season 13 just ended this May, I'm going to have to wait a while before it comes out on DVD. I look forward to it!

Saving Private Ryan. I had never seen this movie, amazingly enough. Everyone always talks about the opening war scene, and holy cow, I can see why. If there was ever a draft in the US, I think all of my feminism would go out the window. I would talk about how I can't possibly hold a gun because my boobs would get in the way or how I can't run. I would demonstrate by trotting like a pony and squealing every time I heard a loud noise. I fully admit I'm a coward when it comes to the possibility of dying horribly, and regardless of whether or not I agree with whatever war is going on... I can't help but respect the men and ladies who go out to battle.

Mary and Max. A really fantastic, quirky, dramedy claymation film from Australia. It's based on a true story and is about an 8 year old Australian girl who becomes pen pals with a 44 year old New Yorker with Asperger's. The film follows their 22 year friendship. I highly recommend this movie. It's nice to see a film that uses traditional animation and the story telling was well done. If you're uncomfortable with darker themes like neglect, depression, anxiety, and suicide, however, proceed with caution (you would be missing out if you didn't see it though).

La Vie en Rose. A great biopic about the legendary Parisian singer, Edith Piaf. Marion Cotillard really deserverd her Oscar for best actress for this one.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I can't really get over how well Marilyn Monroe portrays the airhead blonde (she was supposedly very smart- reading voraciously and having an IQ of around 168)... and by the way, they don't make movies about airhead blondes quite like they used to (witty and well written). Jane Russell is great as the vulgar brunette, and the music is catchy and fun- "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

That's it for now!- currently in the middle of Gorillas in the Mist, which I am finding pretty dull for the most part.



Oops! My dad was not born in San Antonio. He was born in SAN ANGELO.



Oh em gee guys it's August! It's wedding month for me. Upon realizing this, my stomach released the butterflies. I immediately panicked because I thought of all of things I need to do... but then I calmed down because I've been pretty on the ball when it comes to my planning and getting things done. Then I was nervous because oh em gee guys, this is a really big deal! This is more than a big fancy party or me wanting to look really pretty- this is the biggest commitment I'll be making in my life so far. Some have asked me "But Jennifer, wasn't moving to NY and deciding to go to grad school a huge deal?" The answer is, yes- it was a big deal and a big commitment, but I could have decided to stop and move back to California whenever I wanted. With Edouard, it's different. I can't just ditch him whenever I want.... well, some would still argue that I could, but I guess that makes me a traditionalist.

Anyway, I don't doubt my decision to get hitched at all, but I think it's natural to be a little nervous about something that is such a big deal. In fact, I would probably wonder what was wrong with you if you weren't a little bit anxious about such a big step in your life. Then again, maybe that's just me. I get nervous when I move from apartment to apartment within a mile radius. (Imagine what it was like when I moved from LA to NY!)

Also thanks to everyone who came to my signing at the San Diego Comic Con! I moved more prints than I thought I would! This was probably the best SDCC for me yet.

Movies whlie inking!! I haven't written about any movies in a while because I haven't been watching any films lately. Instead, I've been watching the entire King of the Hill series. I had only seen a few episodes while I was in high school, but I remember being amused by it. Recently, I have been talking to friends about King of the Hill and many argue that it is perhaps one of the most underrated primetime animated shows to be on the air. I happen to agree. It has a lot of heart (more heart than the past 10 seasons of The Simpsons in my opinion), and is actually very funny in a subtle and understated way. According to my dad (who was born in San Antonio) and many other Texan friends I have, it's also like watching a documenary about Texans and living in Texas, which is pretty interesting for someone like me who has neve been there (and who has only lived on either coast). I also like it because no one, and no single political party, is spared in its humor. I also really admire many of the values that are celebrated in this series- hard work, loyalty, honesty, and respect for one another. It's pretty refreshing to see that in television when you think about it. Right now I'm on Season 12. The last season, Season 13, just wrapped up this year, so I probably won't get to see it for a while. Anyway, you can stream Seasons 1-12 from Netflix!