July 2010


Come visit to me at the San Diego Comic Con from 1-2 pm at booth 1018! I'll be doing signings and sketchings and be really honored to see you!



Hey everyone, I have great news.

Are you going to the San Diego Comic Con? Well I am, and this year I'll actually be doing signings. Unfortunately, I am only going to the con from Thursday-Friday because I wanted to spend more time in CA with my parents this year. Two other days are going to be dedicated to my Las Vegas bachelorette party (wooo!)

Anyway, here are the details: I'm going to be at booth 1018 on Thursday from 1-2 pm doing signings and sketches. Please swing on by. Brooke Eldowney of 9 Chickweed Lane and Pigborn will be signing right before me and that's flippin' SWEET! I am very honored and I hope I get to meet some of you this Thursday!

Also, my friend Sharon Ma is doing a photography project for Parsons. I really want to encourage you to visit her site and see her wonderful photos. You may also notice that she has a prompt: "What does Coney Island mean to you?" (Coney Island being the theme) and it would be great if you could write down your thoughts on her online gallery. You don't have to be a New Yorker or have ever visited Coney Island to participate. Maybe your response will be informed by her photographs or maybe you have a vague idea of what Coney Island is or represents based on things you've seen or read in the past. For me, Coney Island was always crystallized in a painting by Paul Cadmus called "Coney Island," which is proudly displayed in the Art of Americas building at the LA County Museum of Art. I have to say that this image pretty much continues to sum up Coney Island for me. It's definitely a place I would recommend going to though, if only for the people watching and for riding the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone (don't sit in the back car!).

Anyway, enough chatter! Go visit Sharon's photo gallery!

(Written from my bedroom in Los Angeles, where the weather is mild and unoppressive even during a heat wave)



Happy Bastille Day, my French readers!

Edouard and I went to the Bastille Day street fair last Sunday, which was like a regular NY street fair but more French (there were more crepe and baguette stands than usual). It was fun. Tonight there is some sort of "Wines of Provence" tasting somewhere in Manhattan to celebrate Bastille Day, so maybe we'll do that.

It's pretty unlikely though.



Happy Fourth of July, my American readers!

In NYC, Macy's is once again shooting fireworks from the Hudson River (for many years it was shot off from the East River), which means that Edouard and I will have a good view of it this evening. Yay.

Until then, Edouard and I are heading to the NY Aquarium in Coney Island this afternoon to take advantge of Bank of America's "Museums on Us." If you're a Bank of America customer, you should see which museums are offered to you for free on the first weekend of the month.