January 2010


Happy birthday Mozart!

Bad news: my dissertation proposal did not get completely approved by the faculty. There were about 3 out of 27 professors who poo poo'd it. Thankfully no one had a problem with the actual topic, which is good- they only want me to more thoroughly think about my "theoretical framework."

So I guess I'll be doing that for the next few months.

Also my wedding moved from late September to late August and that makes me nervous b/c a) I have less time to enjoy the process of wedding planning and b) it's a scary grown up thing.

Anyway, some people say not to bother with the whole wedding business (like my parents) and just elope because it's "less of a hassle." What people don't seem to get is that I actually enjoy pulling vendors together and figuring out an aesthetic. It's almost like curating an exhibit in a way. Of course the most important part of the whole thing is the marriage (duh) but when is the next time that I'm going to get the joy out of designing a tablescape? Probably never ever. So I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.

In all honesty, the worst part for me is figuring out the guest list. Knowing that there are going to be a few people that I absolutely HAVE to invite or that there are people I can't invite due to budget constraints is the only thing that would make me consider eloping.


Good news! I got the results of my last pap smear and the results came back normal!

It was such a relief- I almost cried.

It will be nice to know that I don't have to go back until July for a check up.

Mom and dad- I would've called you but I only had 6 minutes left on my cell phone. My new billing cycle starts today though so I'll try calling later.


It's been an eventful week. Two days ago I submitted my dissertation proposal to the faculty. The faculty meeting is either next Thursday or next Friday so by then I'll find out whether or not my topic is the one I'll be writing my dissertation on. If they shoot it down, I won't be devastated but I'll definitely be annoyed because the next faculty meeting where they make decisions about dissertation proposals isn't until May.

Stapling my proposals together and sticking them in the faculty's mail boxes was very surreal. I've seen other people do it but I never thought I would be in that position, especially 5 years ago. I think one of my professors who taught me contemporary art put it best when he wrote to me saying (after reading a draft of my proposal), "You've come a long way, Jennifer- congratulations!"

Anyway, professors can turn in their decisions before the faculty review and I saw that at least 2 professor have already approved of my topic. Only 25 more to go...


I also saw Avatar last night with Edouard and I liked it but I'm clearly not as into it as most other people. I did not think it was the most amazing movie of all time nor do I think it should go up for "Best Picture" at the Academy Awards.

While visually stunning and entertaining, and while I admit there was some heart tugging moments, the story itself is not terribly original. It's as everyone has described it: Dances with Wolves/Pocahantas in space. On top of that, the writing was a bit cheesy, but I accepted that was going to be the case going in so I didn't really have a problem with it.

Anyway, bottom line: It's entertaining and you should definitely see it in theaters since I don't know how good/enjoyable it would be on a regular screen and because the best part of this movie is experiencing the world (much like how the best part of Titanic, Cameron's other overrated film, was seeing the ship in all its glory). While a good movie and great movie going experience, it's not an amazing film- at least not in my book.


Apology accepted, GoComics.com reader.


I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up on a Sunday knowing that I don't have to rush to the library and that I can just continue lying in bed for however long I wish. It's something in life that I greatly missed while I was studying for orals.

It's not a completely lazy Sunday, however. I still have to continue creating a comics buffer for CLV (b/c it dwindled a bit in the last week of my orals and over the break) and I have to finish editing my dissertation proposal. I'm very excited about the idea of it going to the faculty review to be approved (hopefully). I'm also proud of myself for completing the 2 week paper AND the proposal so soon after my oral exam (sometimes it takes people a couple of months).

Last week at work, I also wrote the department's financial aid committee a letter begging for more money. I asked them to cover my matriculation fees, my student health insurance, my stuDENT dental plan, and to pay for a French course that I want to take at the New School (I'm trying to get fluent!). While people told me that I should've also asked for a monthly stipend I thought it would be too greedy of me since I got that paid fellowship at the Met.

Who knows if they decide to give me anything... but I did meet and exceed their expectations last semester and I think I put down some good arguments as to why my health insurance can't be dropped (and I figure once they read the word "cervical health problems" they'll go "GAAAH!" and just want to throw money at the problem- let's hope so anyway).


Hopefully I'm starting to adjust to this whole waking up early to go to work thing but after an entire week of doing this I was completely dead last night and slept for a solid 9 hours today... and I'm STILL a little tired. Anyway, I at least got myself to go to bed by 1 am instead of the usual 4 am.

I'm also adjusting to the fact that I don't have as much pressure on me this semester. I'm trying to keep up my work ethic and not fall into being lazy at my significantly cushier office job. Luckily, I have to give a talk at the Met's fellows colloquium in March so that project will keep me pretty occupied until then.


So I don't normally go onto GoComics.com but I do check that website every once in a while to guage how people are enjoying the storyline/characters. I happened to go today and noticed that one person mentioned that I misspelled "salon," which I did not. A saloOn is a bar. A salon is a "gathering of intellectual, social, political, and cultural elites under the roof of an inspriing hostess or host." (Wikipedia entry) There is also something called a beauty salon, a category under which tanning places fall.

Anyway, I also noticed another user who I admit piqued my interest. Going back to other comments he made about my strip, it seems that he only says something when he has something particularly snarky in mind. In addition to making some rather back handed and flat out rude comments about my work, I also noticed that this user is also rude to other users as well, particularly one called "MonsieurSmokey. Now I almost didn't want to bring this up because I'm sure that dedicating half of my blog to this user makes him/her feel giddy and incredibly validated but I just wanted to talk about people like this one because I know other creators often have to deal with reader like this particular one I have.

Now, it seems that this user (who I won't identify here but you're welcome to go to CoComics.com and see if you can figure it out) has a problem with the format of comic strips and general and also with the way I structure my storylines. No matter where the story turns- he/she seems to have some other dickish thing to say.

For instance, this current turn of events where Ryan wrote to Mona saying that he was coming to L.A. to visit her.

Now, I have a basic idea of the general narrative planned out a couple of months in advance. I have the strips written out a couple of weeks in advance. When I do pop into GoComics.com sometimes people will try to guess where the storyline will go. For me it's fun b/c I get to see who is right and who is wrong about where the characters are going. As for this Hawaii storyline, people seemed to have thought that it was over, and many questioned whether or not *I* had forgotten that it happened (user in question being one of those) Well, obviously I hadn't and I was eagerly waiting for today's comic to upload. I went onto GoComics.com and saw that many people were pleasantly surprised and excited... except for the particular user I'm talking about, who responded with an incredibly snarky and jaded post, which ended up insulting other users as well (even though he was one of the ones wondering what happened to Ryan).

So... like I said before... this person seems to have a problem with my writing. Ok. Fair enough. I don't appreciate that this person is rude about it but it's a free country, isn't it? But if this person doesn't like it so much, why does this person come back for more? More troubling, why does this person go around insulting other users, who are paying good money to use the GoComics.com service as well? Tell me, user, is it because you have too much time on your hands? I mean, why else would you be a dick about the comic you seem to read daily? Why are you a dick to the other CLV readers?

Will you even read this blog? I guess I'll find out.

How will you react?

Will you swallow your pride and apologize to everyone? Or will you become defensive and attempt some cheap slings at everybody's confidence?

Stay tuned!

And just for the record: Mona never experienced "amnesia" about her trip to Hawaii. If you go back, you'll see she made a conscious decision to go back to her lifestyle and try to normalize her surroundings because she knew a long distance relationship with Ryan would never work. As we all have experienced- unless maybe if you haven't had a boyfriend or girlfriend before- when people leave our lives their imprint on us tends to fade away as well- excepting of course, long term relationships and strong familial bonds. Mona had a "vacationship"- hardly long term- and as we all know, we're different people on vacation than we are living our daily lives at home. And as for Mona failing in her attempts at internet dating- I can say with confidence that it's a common occurence and has nohting to do with her "character development"


This 9-5 schedule does not work well with my sleep patterns.


Happy New Year! and Happy New Decade! It's the ultimate fresh start.

I don't know about you, but my 2009 was pretty great so I hope 2010 equals or comes close to its greatness. I also hope that this decade is much less angsty than the previous decade, which is likely since the last decade was a great period of growth for me (from age 17 to age 27).

And as my friend said- 10 years ago I was shopping for a prom dress, now I'm shopping for a wedding dress. Crazy stuff!

Only a couple of days left here in LA and I'm getting kinda sad about leaving especially since I'll start working at the Met when I get back to NYC and I honestly haven't had a 9 to 5 type job in seven years!