October 2009


So I'm about to finish studying for the Ancient Near Eastern section of my orals and return to studying the Egyptian art and archaeology section of my orals prep. Ending a section is always the hardest thing to force yourself to do because there's always something else you can read but you have to just tell yourself to stop so you can move on.

I also made the mistake of rediscovering Bejeweled. If you don't know what this is, it's basically one of the most addictive puzzle games ever made. Luckily I've been playing it during my down time, but if I'm not careful it could sneak into my study time.

Be strong, Jennifer! Be strong.

Also congratulations to my friend Allan on his marriage today. I'm going to his wedding later and look forward to it!


I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger. It's just that every time when I get home from studying for 8-10 hours I'm really tired and have to draw the comic, which I think is more important than blogging. I study on Saturdays and Sundays too so you can't really say I have a break, though in the evenings I tend to go out to salvage my social life.

Anyway, I'm sorry and I'll try to be better about it.

I'm halfway there until my oral exam, which is on December 8th at 10 am. Send me happy thoughts!

I just want to introduce you to my good friend's blog, Cooking Books. I know you might be thinking "Oh god, not another coooking blog" but Andrea has a wonderful writing style, great pictures, updates frequently (despite the fact that she is studying for oral exams as well), and the recipes are great! Please check it out b/c you won't be sorry AND because Andrea is one of my good friends. She's been writing this blog for a few years now so she has a substantial archive you can peruse.

Andrea's seriously awesome guys... she even baked and decorated her own wedding cake.

If that doesn't convince you to read Andrea's blog, I don't know what will.


Things I've confirmed while in grad school:

1) Free food is the best food.

2) Any school is better than high school.

3) I like Art History and Egyptology.

4) There are people WAY smarter than me.

5) Public crying is not an option- save it for the "toilet of tears."

6) Art history today is dominated by white women from priveleged backgrounds.

7) I have good self discipline.

I've been studying for orals seriously for over about a month now. Am I losing steam? NEVER!

Am I going crazy? MAYBE A LITTLE!