July 2009


I wrote another blog about the San Diego Comic Con for the Sequential Art Collective. Some of it has to do with this comic and what I'm thinking in terms of its future.

Hopefully I've made you ueber (sorry- too lazy to do an umlaut over that "u") curious, so go check it out.


On Friday and Saturday I went to the San Diego Comic Con for the first time in 4 years. It was a lot busier than I remembered it. The floor was about the same as it usually is but the panels were impossible to get into. In fact, I didn't even bother seeing any and as much as I wanted to see the Disney animation panel (Miyazaki was even on it) it wasn't worth waiting 2+ hours for a 1 hour talk.

I blame tween girls and Twilight. Twilight almost ruined SDCC for everyone- not only did hundreds of 12 year old girls almost tip over the Twilight van in the Gaslamp district, as they charged the streets upon seeing "EEEEDWWAAAARD!!!!" they also waited DAYS in line to see the Twilight panels. It was ridiculous.

What also ended up happening is that girls and boys wanting to see say a 4 o'clock Twilight panel would line up for a 10 am panel they didn't care about in order to stake out seats. In the process, people who actually wanted to see the 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm panels didn't get to. Twilight fans- you guys are totally sucking right now.

Other than that, the con was very good- I went around and saw lots of cool stuff as always, bought 3 sketchbooks for the price of 1, and connected and reconneted with different webcomic artists, which was a lot of fun. In particular, I hung out with Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square who was kind enough to invite me out to dinner with the Blank Label crew and others. It was cool and everyone was super nice.

Of course, I also swung by uclick/Universal (my syndicate) and said hello. I met Brooke McEldowney (Pigborn and 9 Chickweed Lane) who I've admired for years and found myself bumbling over words and feeling stupid. Oh well- we talked about New York and he introduced me to his daughter who is studying at Columbia University right now.

Anyway, here are some pictures that my friends have uploaded:

First a group shot of all of us- formerly employees at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. Now members of the Sequential Art Collective.

Me with an English bunny:

Matt, Allan, and I with Rob Liefeld- Matt and I purposely hid our hands in this one (unfortunately the photographer didn't know what we were going for so they're cut out anyway) b/c it's well known in the comics community that Liefeld can't draw hands and feet and often tries to conveniently hide them away behind swords, other people, etc.

Finally, me as the captain of Enterprise- I guess I'm the lesbian captain of Enterprise too as I'm not sure why two Orion chicks would be flanking my chair like that:

So that's my basic report: overall my experience was a great one. The only thing that took a dump on it was Twilight.


Today I've arrived in my native Los Angeles. The weather here is infinitely nicer than it is in New York, as usual.

I've already gotten some Tito's Tacos (Washington Blvd. and Sepulveda) and I can't wait to eat the other things I always miss when I'm away.


Well, I've been having a better time sleeping as of late but now my schedule is all messed up. At least when I go to back to California this week (for San Diego Comic Con and to visit my family) I'll wake up and go to bed at a decent hour.

Lately I've been waking up groggy and achey even though I haven't been taking any Advil PM or any other sleep aid before going to bed. On top of that I've been having multiple vivid dreams every night, which makes me not want to wake up b/c I want to see what the next installment of what my crazy mind has to offer. For the most part my dreams have been pleasant although the last one I had this morning was about how everyone thought I was crazy, unsociable, and obsessive. For some reason, most of the "cast" included people I knew in high school- though only people I haven't seen in years and don't think about even on a bi-annual basis. I probably should've just crawled out of bed before I had this dream because it only made me frustrated and angry.

Anyway, I took a shower and I'm fine now.

I read somewhere about a girl whose relative got regular pap smears (supposedly at least) but ended up with cancer anyway. I was under the impression that cervical cancer spreads quite slowly (in both the pre-cancerous and cancerous stages) but apparently this woman's condition was quick and efficient and she ended up dying.

Naturally, this made me nervous but friends here are have been supportive and telling me not to worry since my condition has been stable. At the same time, I've been stable at CIN 3 for almost a year now (if not longer, who knows if these abnormal cells didn't spring up a month after my pap smear in 2008) and I'm kind of worried that between my last check up and my LEEP procedure things are going to get worse.

I've also been desperately trying to make an appointment with the doctor's nurse but she hasn't been calling me back. I really hate that hospital's staff- they are completely disorganized and in space and they can't even pronounce my last name correctly.


Happy Bastille Day to all my French readers!

Also, happy Harry Potter day to all Harry Potter fans. Even though the movies are nothing compared to the books, it is always exciting when a new one comes out (especially since we don't have any more books to look forward to).

I've been stressed out- every night before I go to sleep a little voice in my head nags me about the stuf I need to do or should be doing and it gets louder and louder until I just want to pull my hair out and tell it to shut up. As such, I've not been in the best of moods and my self esteem is hovering above the gutter.

I hope this all blows over soon- getting back to normal is usually a matter of waiting it out.


So actually my iBook didn't die... which surprised me. I was sure that it was completely kaputt when I got the flashing question mark folder on my screen but all it needed was for someone to reinstall the OSX! Oh well, I needed to get a new computer sometime this year anyway as my good old iBook is not functioning the way it used to. Plus, as I was moving all my data from my external drive to my new MacBook Pro I noticed that there had been a fudge up when I was transferring my "France 2009" pictures. So I'm glad that the iBook was working if just for that- imagine if I had lost my pictures from Paris a second time around (remember how I had lost my camera there in 2006). Anyway, I think I've found good use for my iBook until its final days anyway so I'm ok with having two laptops for now.

In other news, I found out I have to get the LEEP surgery for my cervix. It seems that the abnormal cells that are hanging out there aren't going away and are too high grade to ignore anymore. For the record, I am absolutey terrified.

I decided to read about it on the internet, which at first was ok- there's some electrical loop thing that "zaps" the abnormal cells away. Before all of this the doctor usually gives a local anesthetic, which of course means a big needle going right in the middle of my cervix. I really wish I could just get a general anesthetic instead... why do I have to stay awake for this? The last thing I need is to be awake as they're shooting laser beams in my privates... times like this I wish I had a bad sense of smell... I don't want to smell that! (It creates smoke too, you know- I will be like a reverse chimney).

Apparently my doctor is going to prescribe me some pain meds, which my friends are trying to say is like a consolation prize- silly considering that I'll actually be in pain and will need them! I made the mistake of reading online medical forums with women talking about how this procedure is like medieval torture and the most painful experience of their life.

Besides from the pain, I'm also worried about the cervix itself- with this and all of my previous biopsies, will I have anything left?


A few days ago I turned on my iBook G4 so that I could draw some comics when the flashing question mark folder appeared on my screen. I've seen this before: remember last year when my hard drive gave out? This time, however, I don't think it's my hard drive- I don't hear grinding noise that often comes with hard drive failure and anyway... that hard drive was only a year old. I'm pretty certain that the motherboard has either gone or is about to die. I'm taking it into the Apple store to see as well as to turn the old hard drive into my second external drive.

I figured that even if my iBook isn't completely broken now, it's definitely on its last legs, so I decided, as much as I would've rather waited a couple of months when I start my fellowship at the Met, to buy a new laptop. Yes, Jennifer Babcock is suddenly the cool kid again- I now have a clean and unscratched MacBook Pro.

It was quite a steal- I got it at the NYU computer store. Not only did I get the regular student discount, but I got it on clearance- apparently this particular MacBook Pro came out in Jan. of this year only to be replaced by some "fancier" model a month later. Bottom line: I got a 15.4" inch MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of RAM for about 1500 bucks. It also came with a free 8 gig Ipod Touch.

I think it was a pretty good deal.

Also two weekends ago, I found a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (which normally go for 500 dollars and up) for 25 dollars at my local thrift shop.

iBook G4: July 4, 2005- July 8, 2009.

"You served me long and well, especially considering the time I accidentally spilled an entire pint of beer on you and the numerous times you fell from various heights (not always my fault)."


Happy 4th of July to my American readers!

Stay safe!

BTW I forgot to tell you all about the results of my fellowship application (I believe I talked about me applying for it in May before my trip to Egypt)- I got it! For 10 months, starting in November of this year, I'll be working as a curatorial fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It's always been a dream of mine to work at the Met, so I'm very pleased. And although things are going to be tight financially until I start, it's good to know that I don't have to worry about matriculation fees (as I'm finished with all my PhD coursework) and health insurance for next year.


Well I unfortunately had to go do anohter biopsy, which sucks. They had to take three samples- the last two samples were fine and I barely felt anything (nice change from my second biopsy) but my first sample was awful. I don't normally yelp when doctors do something uncomfortable but this time I actually did- it felt like someone took a huge pair of semi dull scissors and cut out a chunk of my insides. It should normally only feel like a small pinch.

What made this whole experience more weird is that I'm going to a teaching hospital downtown for these biopsies so I had a crowd of people looking up my hoo-ha. If you were in a regular hopsital they would just go in there and do their business in like 10 minutes but I think I was on the table for a good 30 minutes while the doctor explained to the students what was going on- "Blah blah blah white lesions blah blah dysplasia blah blah 11 o'clock 4 o'clock 6 o'clock blah blah."

Then of course the doctor has to show his students what good bedside manner is so I got to talk to a whole room full of people about my trip to Egypt while I was half naked on stirrups. Awwwwkwarrrrd...

The doctor says that it doesn't look like anything's gotten worse but that the biopsy results will say more. I should be hearing from them within the next two weeks- if it's bad I'll have to go in for a LEEP procedure (a surgical procedure that includes LASER BEAMS) or come back for another check up (and possibly ANOTHER BIOPSY) in four months.

I'm hoping for the best and I'm not sure which situation is better.

Oh well at least I'm getting used to this biopsy thing. Future pap smears are going to be easy peasy.


I got all my pictures from France outta my camera and put them in my laptop last night so I'll be posting some up here soon.

Today, however, is dedicated to my gynecological health. My appointment is in a couple of hours and I'm going to make sure to take plenty of advil before going- I really hope they don't have to take a third biopsy.

Happy July!