April 2009


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As of today I am still deaf but the pain is completely gone.

I've had a rough two days - mainly with dealing with students and medical bills. It's hard to tell a student why they got a certain grade when it's not as straight forward as a math exam... and some of these students are really aggressive (not anyone in my discussion sessions though- at least not so far...)


Well the ear infection continues. It's my third day on antibiotics. I no longer wake up with a sharp pain in my ear and I can think a little bit clearer now. I'm still almost completely deaf in my right ear, however. I'm hoping that the deafness will go away soon after I'm done with the medication. I've been spending a lot of time lying down on my left side and sleeping- this is to help the infected good drain out of my ear and into my nose, which I have been blowin out into tissues. Sometimes the goo comes out of my ear and dries out into a nasty crust- Edouard kindly removes and cleans my outer ear for me with a q-tip. As you can tell, it's all very disgusting.

I'm disappointed because today I was going to go see Jorge Cham of PhD today- I haven't seen him since my very first year of graduate school. He also donated some nice art for the web comics exhibit I put up almost two years ago. Oh well, I shot him an e-mail and maybe we can catch up later.

Anyway, in the midst of everything I'm starting an active campaign to bring more readers to C'est la Vie. I am going to start modestly by asking you, my current readers, to be sure to tell your friends and family.

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I have an ear infection. I used to have them all the time as a kid. I remembered that they hurt a lot I just don't remember going deaf in the infected ear. Going to the doctor- this is how one of my professors lost part of his hearing.

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Yesterday I got my shots for my voyage to Egypt. I got one for polio (apparently they had a recent case of it), Hep A, and tetanus (apparently I was supposed to have gotten this shot before but I never did). Instead of getting a shot for typhoid, I was given pills that I'm supposed to take every other day for a week. It's good for 5 years instead of 2. My left arm is killing me and I'm pretty sure it's b/c of the tetanus shot. Needles don't usually hurt me but this one definitely did- most likely b/c it was going straight into my arm muscle.

I never thought about how much this would all cost. In the end it was $300!

I died a little inside but it's ok- the money I set aside from my TA stipend is enough to cover that cost.

At the same time I did regret getting the polio shot- it cost around 100 bucks and there aren't that many cases of polio in Egypt. However, I realize that it's for the best. I would feel really stupid if I went to Egypt and got polio b/c I didn't want to spend 100 dollars on the vaccine.

While I'm in Egypt I'm going to do one week's work of guest strips. I have a pretty cool line up so far and I'm really excited!