March 2009


I'm sorry that updates and newsposts have been shaky lately. I've been having problems with my laptop again. A few days ago it couldn't find the OS- for some reason it started working on its own again. Nonetheless, my laptop, which is 4 years old now, is on its last legs so I don't know how reliable it's going to be. I have another computer where I can draw comics but it doesn't have the software to do the actual updates on this site (the site gets updated automatically). Anyway, I have David to do the uploading when I can't but sometimes he's busy and/or forgets (not his fault, it's not exactly top priority for him). I apologize for when this happens. Just please remember that you can go onto gocomics to find the comic there as well.

That all said, I'm going to think of a way to try to get myself a new laptop, probably a 15 inch MacBook within the next 6 months. I may end up doing a fundraiser to help raise money for that. I think for the next fundraiser I'm going to come up with different incentives since I've been having so many problems with recording rabbit voices (I haven't forgotten that I have to do one still for LAST YEAR).

Other than my laptop things here are going fine albeit busy. It's crunch time for my dissertation proposal and I still have to make time for my other job, my classes, and the class I teach.

Two days ago I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die but in the end I get it all done. AND I have so much to look forward to: I'm going to Egypt in May!

It'll be nice not being the Egyptologist who has never been to Egypt.


In today's SAC blog I talk about the webcomic, Piled Higher and Deeper. Check it out!

My appointment yesterday went well. The doctor didn't need to do a second biopsy b/c he said that it looked like the first biopsy is correct. While this means I do have some pre cancerous cells in stage 2/3 he says that it looks like the lesions got smaller than last time. If I'm lucky, they can maybe go away on their own. I'm going to check back in with him in 3 months. For now, I'm doing a lot of dietary supplements.


This is the fourth anniversary of my bunny, Nibbles, hopping away to the rainbow bridge. I hope she's in a happy, warm place with plenty of Honey Nut Cheerios to eat (her favorite treat).

Look at what a cute bunny you are! Look at you balance that egg!


::pet pet pet::


Sorry about yesterday- I thought the comic was uploaded but something must've happened during the transfer. Anyway, it's up now.

Presentation went well.

Tomorrow's my second biopsy.



I am going to 'splode. I have a 75 minute presentation for my Ancient Near Eastern Art class at Columbia and it's about the broadest topic you can imagine. I'm frantically trying to prepare for it.

On top of all that I'm not looking forward to my credit card bill this month. I'll be fine b/c my TA stipend is making me enough money for this trip to Egypt but I still don't like to see money go away. Anyway, considering that I usually get by only charging 300-500 on my card every month, seeing over 2,000 dollars in charges makes me gag (all of these charges are pretty much for the trip).

Then next Wednesday I'm getting a second opinion about my cervix problems from an oncologist (who is also a gyno). I'm starting to get nervous.