July 2008


David- I heard a rumor that they are getting rid of bike messengers in New York City.

Anyway, as promised I'm posting a picture of me with the Rosetta Stone. I decided not to lug my hieroglyphics textbook with me to the British Museum but I think you can tell I'm still happy to see it:

Also when I was on my way to Charles de Gaulle in Paris look at the name of the train I caught:

Bicycle messengers have been in their death throes for over a decade, first it was the fax machine, then email/digital reprographics et al... Do tell Jen...

P.S. Speaking of reprographics I did some "networking" at Comic-Con over the weekend and got a few leads on some decent price points for that book Mona's writing. Oh and are there any posters left from that con you did last month? I want one. And where is my pony?!? Call me....

---- David


Carlos Sastre in Yellow at the Tour De France! WOOT!


Sorry for the outburst, Jen. Since I no longer run into that roadie with the Team CSC-Saxo Bank kit, I figure I'll announce this fact to the one person in this captive audience who may care... Yes I happen to like Carlos Sastre... Get over it.

UPDATE: Carlos Sastre keeps his jersey though Paris!! Team CSC Saxo-Bank FTW!


As you can see from my updates I have returned from my trip abroad. I will post some pictures soon but not until I do my rabbit voice for all the people that helped me raise money a few months ago.

Some of you sent me some e-mails while I'm gone and I'll try to get to them soon.


I'm still in Europe but I'm leaving in a couple of days, which means that bulk updates will start early next week when I get a more reliable internet connection. In the meantime, enjoy this comic.

I'm sad to be leaving Europe but my wallet isn't. Even though this trip was funded for me I still of course had to spend a lot of my own money once I was here- the dollar has become so weak it's ridiculous. Even when I was here last a couple of years ago I don't think the exchange rate was this horrible.

That said, I think every penny spent was worth it. The Agyptisches Museum in Berlin was very impressive and had a lot of interesting objects that I have never seen before. Even though I teared up a bit at the British Museum, I think the Agyptisches Museum's collection is the one that has given me at least beginnings of dissertation topic ideas- and that is priceless (as are the memories).


I've been busy going on and off trains this month which is why I haven't given anyone an ArtFest update.

I would do it now but I have to catch the EuroStar to London right now.

As I mentioned I'm abroad for about 2 weeks looking at Egyptian collections at big museums (yesterday I was at the Louvre, tomorrow I'm going to the British Museum) as well as some aside fun stuff (the day before yesterday I visited Disneyland Paris, which I'm sorry to say pales in comparison to the original).

Have to go, but I wanted to let people know that I've been having a hard time finding a way to connect this laptop to the internet. That said, updates will once again be spotty (I'm sorry this has been happening so frequently as of late).

I promise that as soon as I get back to New York not only will there be bulk updates but you won't see another spotty update schedule for at least another few months if that.