June 2008


Hey all! This is David

I'd like to apologize for any problems you may have had with the site the past few days, but if you can read this that means that any problems with the Domain transfer have cleared up!

Thanks for your patience! ---David


Tomorrow is MoCCA Art Fest! Thank you to everyone that donated so that CLV can be present at this wonderful indie/alt comics fair. Please check me out if you can at Table C29 (I'm going to be near Dumbrella!) on the first floor.

Come help jumpstart the US economy by buying original art, comic strips, M. Smokey pins, and more! (Also say hello to me).

You know... I can think of no better place to spend a portion of your economic stimulus check... ---David


Living with Toys- I should make it clear that by bukakke I mean "awesome" (it's how Dan and I say "awesome") not actual bukakke. However, it didn't matter b/c Dan told me that his hit count doubled the day I posted his comic.

Either none of you know what bukakke is or ya'll are perverts. (or both)

I was having troubles with my FTP client earlier but I have the problem fixed for now.

Anyway, I'm sending out thank you postcards this week- look out for yours.