April 2008


Once again, David here!

Just a quick update on Jen's laptop situation... It is taking alot longer to get her laptop back from "repairs" than she thought it would. I don't have the details, but it seems that Jen cannot get me an accurate ETA on her laptop at the moment..

But do not worry, Jen is working hard to populate the site with non-traditional content in this interim period, and as soon as her laptop gets back, she will return to posting traditional comics.



Hello everybody, David here!

It seems that the hard drive on Jen's laptop got fried a deep golden brown in 7 herbs and spices (a la KFC.... Get it?). I feel rather vindicated in my previous advocacy of Jen getting an external hard drive and making back ups of her comics. Hopefully those back ups were actually performed...

Anyhow that said, without the software suite on her laptop, Jen will not be making traditional comic updates, BUT INSTEAD will be gracing us with hand drawn comics that she will scan on Edouard's "stupid scanner", that is until her hard drive is repaired sometime next week...

Sorry for the inconvience and please enjoy CLV responsibly

---David, aka Dawei, aka Davoud


Well... you guys gone done it again...

I have raised slightly over 200 dollars in my fundraising and because of that I have some breathing room this month and as promised... I will do my impression of a rabbit. I will post it as soon as I can.

This past weekend Edouard and I were walking up Broadway in Morningside Heights when all of a sudden these 2 five year old girls start belting "Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me"- I'm just glad they didn't sing the line "Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me." God, it was all so wrong. The most disturbing part of the whole thing was that they were singing in toddler voices (rounded and incomprehensible half the time) and trying to gyrate their non existent hips.

Edouard and I were both scarred by this sight and I don't care if that makes us old fogeys.

Anyway, hearing that song reminded me of last year when I was walking to the Met with my friend JewNick (I think it was in March or April- I was wearing my gorgeous black Kenneth Cole d'orsay heels)... Nick says to me "Hey Jen, that guy over there was totally checking you out when we walked by."

"Well... how flattering!" I saw coquettishly

"He was checking you out while his girlfriend was clinging to him- what do you say to that?"

That's when I burst out singing "Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me!" and doing a fake spanking motion in front ot me.

You probably had to be there but I remember being proud of myself for making a funny despite the horrible emptiness and dying I was feeling "on the inside."


There are twelve days left in my fundraiser, and I'm still 45 bucks short of the ultimate goal. Thank you to everyone who has sent me a donation so far- as soon as I get to a post office to buy some more stamps, I'll send you guys a postcard.

I'm still really busy- in the process of applying for funding for the next academic year and possibly for a travel grant to Egypt.... because having to explain that I'm an Egyptologist who has never been to Egypt is starting to get a little embarrassing.

I've been practicing my rabbit voice by doing a narration of this video, which I've recently become obsessed with. Look how cute he is! DIGDIGDIG!

I think I've assimilated Edouard into my world of crazy. Yesterday, after watching this video again, Edouard takes my stuffed bunny Smokey and has her mimic a real bunny digging a burrow. I think I even heard him try out a rabbit voice.