March 2008


I just learned about a foot long big fuzzy spider that hisses and spits venom and eats grown birds! I am NEVER EVER going into the rainforest.

Anyway, my fundraising attempt is plateauing a bit but I'm not far from my min 200 goal (for me to do the rabbit voice for you). If I don't get any more donations I'm still grateful for the contribuations I did receive- the extra money helps a bunch.

Back to work- busy busy busy.


Hoppy Easter! 2 comics today.

My fundraiser is going well- 75 dollars more by mid April and I will have reached my minimum goal and I will "bless" you guys with my rabbit voice.

So if you have some extra cash please consider donating to the help me pay my bills cause- everyone gets a thank you postcard from moi.

I have to run off and do my Egyptian homework now- busy busy busy.


So far I've been getting a lot of great support through my fundraiser. Thank you guys so much- I'm in a tighter squeeze this month and this really helps out a lot. Hopefully next year my school will give me a monthly living stipend so I won't have to ask you guys to help me with my bills again.

Anyway, so far I've raised about 75 dollars- 125 more by mid April and you will have another lovely recording of me talking like a rabbit. (If I'm able to raise this much by next week, I'll be sure to do a special Easter edition).

If I raise 300-400 dollars, I will do two rabbit talks.

Remember, anyone who donates to the cause will receive a postcard from me with a CLV sketch on the back. Each one is signed and drawn lovingly.


This is how I'm feeling: AAAAAARGHHHH ::hysterical crying::

But I'm going to be positive.

First of all, I have a picture of the earrings that Ed got me for Christmas, but unfortunately I have not yet been able to get a good picture of me wearing them. Anyway, I felt bad that it's been 3 or so months later and no one has seen them yet... so here they are:

Aren't they pretty?

Anyway, because of some unexpected medical costs that have sprung up this month, I think I'm going to have another fundraiser to try to help me get through the next couple of months in terms of running the site and paying the usual bills and rent. Raising 100-200 would help me a lot- 300-400 would be ideal.

If I raise 200 by mid April, I'll do another public humiliation- if I raise 400 or close to it (by mid April as well), I'll do 2. People have told me that they really enjoy me talking like a rabbit so perhaps I'll do those again.

All people who donate (even if it's only a dollar!) get a postcard with an original, honest to God sketch on the back.

Thank you so much.


I am stressed out and busy to the max.

A few weeks ago I gave philosophy majors props- today I'm giving linguistic majors props.

I'm writing a paper about semiology in Art History. When I was an undergrad I thought it was easy enough- but we were only given articles written by Erwin Panofsky. Now I'm reading Saussure and other articles by other people about semiology and it's not nearly as simple as I had previously presumed it to be.

So Gov Spitzer resigned and now that girl that he was visiting via the call girl ring is coming out to all the newspapers to tell her story. She claims that she's doing it so that people won't think she's a "monster"- I call BS. I think she's doing it for the limelight and to see if it's going to help her music career (apparently it has- her music has been selling for way more than it had been on iTunes since yesterday). Anyway, no one was going to think this girl was a monster- the newspapers were using her call girl name and all of our attention was on Spitzer.

You know, I have no problem with prostitution- in fact, I'm pretty liberal about. She chose to sell her body and her company and she has people who are willing to pay the price. She's able to rent a beautiful place in Chelsea, live, and have fun with the money she made by being a member of the "oldest profession in the world." Honestly, I'm not going to knock a chick that makes more money in 4 hours than I do in 2 months. If I wasn't so squeemish and had "morality issues" I'm sure I could make that much money too.

For some reason, I have more of a problem of her being a media whore. Good for her for realizing that this is probably the best and only way to jumpstart her music career though.

Gr- I'm probably just pissed b/c she's getting recognized for being a prostitute (albeit a well paid one) rather than for her actual musical talent or intellect.

Also- 1000 bucks an hour for HER? Don't get me wrong- she's pretty n' all that but she doesn't look any different from a lot of women I see riding on the train everyday.

Anyway, I reiterate the fact that I don't have a problem with her being a prostitute. Spitzer's the despicable one here. He betrayed his wife and family- if I were any of his daughters (his oldest daughter is only 4 years younger than the prostitute he visited... GRODERS!!) I would be completely mortified and pissed off. I don't know if I would want anything to do with him again.


Today is the third anniversary of my bunny Nibbles' passing. I still think of my little bunny all the time and how happy she was when we were together. I gave Nibbles an Egyptian style burial- she has all of her toys, some hay, pellets, and her favorite treat ever: Honey Nut Cheerios.

Wook at you! WOOK at you in your wittle BOX!

Nibbles says: "Peekaboo!"


Maybe it's the change of seasons, but I've been feeling more melancholy lately.

“In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends”- John Churton Collins

It is surprising to find out who will not only stand by your side but also hold you up when you can't stand on your own. It is disappointing to find out who will leave.

And it is strange to see the people who had left come back to you once you've found your way again.

I am not complaining that I feel more reconnected with people but it's made me think a lot about what has happened this past year and a half. In particular, I've been thinking a lot about the people to whom I feel greatly indebted. One is a long term friend but the three others who have helped me immensely are people I 've only recently met. Like I said, it's surprising to find out who's going to be there for you.

I don't even know how to thank these people and I don't think words or actions could ever equal what they did for me. But, I want to recognize these people here- it's my public declaration of love. All of the following people live in New York with me- I have many people in Los Angeles that were of course great as well, but these guys obviously worked overtime:

JewNick: I've always considered you my best friend from college, but you've become even more special to me. Thank you for all the drinks, your company, and for the time that you waited 8 hours or something ridiculous like that to see me at "you know where" (DUM DUM DUM).

Kaia: Thanks for being a cool roommate for the 2006-2007 Academic Year. I know you stood up for me many times. Thanks also for that time you lent me 20 bucks for a cab ( I still owe you), for slumming in bars with me, for carrying me to my room, and for laughing with me.

Matt: You are more than a boss- you are an awesome friend. Thanks for your advice- I always take it to heart.

Edouard: Thank you for being so understanding, sympathetic, and kind. Thank you for quite literally nursing me back to health.


I'm so happy that it's starting to get warmer here- we've been having a nice streak of 50 something degree days. I can't believe that these temperatures once felt butt cold to me. Just a week ago it was something ridiculous like 12 degrees and I thought I was going to keel over and die if the crosstown bus wasn't going to come in 5 minutes.

My neighborhood depresses me. A week ago I saw some poor woman's weave spread on the sidewalk and today I saw a 15 year old mother. The McDonald's in my area is also depressing. Instead of serving delicious McFlurries they serve Icees.

Whenever I go to the McDonald's in my neighborhood to order one of their value meals they consistently assume that I want diet Coke. I'm not exactly sure why, but my guess is that they probably think I'm some downtown yuppie chick who accidently overslept on the train and ended up on 157th St.

Today I was sitting in the McDonald's eating fries (b/c I'm a sucker for their fries) and I noticed that people in the area treat the place like their local Starbucks (the closest one is pretty far considering that they're usually only 2 blocks apart at the most). Anyway, today these two women and this guy come in and sit to chat. The guy was this gangster hip looking fellow who kept talking about how he was 31 with 3 different "baby mommas" to take care of and that he had "boned" some 16 year old girl. (GRODERS!)

On Monday I was at my cafe spot (Think Coffee on Mercer b/w 3rd and 4th streets) and I overheard this obnoxious undergraduate who was very loudly (in between load, open- mouthed gum smacking) talking about how her ex boyfriend tried to overdose on some ADD medication and was sent to Bellevue's psych ward covered in his vomit and excrement.

She wasn't very sympathetic. She kept talking about how she was mad at him because he was being stupid ("He should, like... just stop studyin' philosophy, y'know?? It like totally puts him in a funk.") and because his suicide attempt made her feel obligated to get dressed and visit him. I didn't interrupt, but I wanted to tell her that he probably has it way worse than she does since a)Bellevue's psych ward mainly keeps NY's criminally insane patients and b) he's so depressed that he wants to kill himself.

I could tell that this girl thought she was "totally awesome" with her deadpan delivery, her irreverent nature, and her casual, nonchalant way of chewing and popping her gum as obnoxiously as possible. She even went to go on to say, "Yeah, I like don't know what to do with msyelf. I'm so done with school... y'know... my life dream is to like... be a standup comedian. I love entertaining my friends and I'm like... hilarious..."

No, you're probably not.

She had a very typical valley girl accent... but she revealed that she was from IOWA.