February 2008


Sorry it's been so long since my last newspost- I've been super busy with school. Last week I presented on Hegel's Introductory lectures on Aesthetics, which was dense but much easier to read than Kant or Derrida.

But more important and cooler than that...

So as you may or may not remember, I curated the Webcomics exhibit at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC. Because of the success of the exhibit, I owe my boss, Matthew C. Murray my soul because as a result I have been getting a lot of attention from writers and journalists. In particular, someone who believed that as the curator of the first webcomics exhibit I am also a pioneer of sorts, interviewed me for their recently published book Webcomics 2.0. Please consider buying it as I surely will when I make some extra cash.

So last weekend I celebrated Edouard's birthday (belatedly) with his sister, brother in law, and one of our friends. We went to a fancy karaoke club in Times Square where they have live back up singers and your performance is broadcast live from one of the huge TVs on 50th and Broadway.

I wore my fancy silver mesh earrings that night and tried to take a picture, but unfortunately my camera was not very cooperative- resulting in a failed endeavor. As soon as I get another chance, I'll post it up.

I've been feeling pretty decent lately though I have woken up extremely anxious and panicky for the past few weeks. I'm not entirely sure why this has been the case- I am not necessarily thinking of anything that would induce this level of anxiety... it's much more somatic than anything.


I just put out a source release for the CLV comic facebook app (ver 1.5). It is availiable here and from the Extras page. This release includes the Invite your friends! code. I meant to have more features added to this release, but I'm finding that getting my Emergency Medical Technician license renewed is taking up much more time and effort than I expected it to, and working on the Facebook app has fallen to the wayside for the time being. I don't even know why I bother getting reliscensed, considering my career goals right now are to build a biodiesel reactor utilizing non-edible feedstock and/or become a bicycle courier, in a metropolitan area NOT Los Angeles... But I digress.... Enjoy the source... if you have any questions my email address is in the About page


You know, David, if you can tell me why you actually want this My Little Pony, maybe I'll consider putting it on the Amazon Wishlist for you.

Anyway, let me begin this blog by saying that I want to punch Derrida straight in the face. Derrida is a French philosopher and his way of writing is convoluted and hard to follow. I have to read this along with Immanuel Kant who is also difficult to grasp. That said, I gotta give some serious props to philosphy majors.

I'm reading a lot of philosophy for my "Methods of Art History and Art Criticism" class. I didn't know that one could exercise the mind literally- I mean, seriously... my brain hurts.

Update on my earrings: I think the posts I have in are ready to come out. I just have to have someone help me remove them and then I can show you the silver mesh earrings that Edouard got me for Christmas.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. People have been asking me what Edouard and I are going to be doing for it. Honestly, I don't plan on doing anything. I don't remember if I've expressed my feelings for Valentine's day before, but I think it's a really stupid holiday. If I wasn't writing this after I read Kant's The Critique of the Power of Judgment I would write on this subject much more thorougly. But... my brain hurts.

I guess I'll say this though: In Japan, as I understand it, women are supposed to buy the men in their place of employment chocolate for Valentine's Day. Translated to English, this chocolate is called "obligation chocolate." That's how I feel about the chocolate and flowers that are given on Valentine's Day. Some people might interject and say "What about Christmas and birthdays? Are THOSE 'obligation gifts?' Because you seemed just fine getting those silver mesh earrings."

Well, Christmas and birthdays are different- Christmas can mean two things to you: it's a celebration of the birth of Christ or its the celebration of a time when you used to think that Santa Claus came down your chimney to give you junk. Birthdays are a celebration of living another 365 days. Valentine's day is a celebration of not being alone and if you take it to the next level- a celebration of the love (romantic love) you share with another person.

I think I would welcome Valentine's Day more if it was more of a celebration of different kinds of love (such as platonic and familial love)- that kinda makes more sense to me, and is probably why I hold Christmas and all of the other December holidays in higher regard.

Anyway, I remember last year's Valentine's Day well. It was a dark and stormy Wednesday night and I was sharing wine with my friend JewNick and my then roommate Kaia. At one point I spilled a drop on my pink pajama pants- it looked just like a heart. It was so cool. I think I still have a picture of it on my camera phone.

Alright, don't let MY rant spoil YOUR Valentine's Day plans- and for the record... if Ed insists on giving me something tomorrow, I'm totally going to let him.

You know, asking a grown man WHY he wants a My Little Pony is almost as absurd as a grown man asking for one in the first place. I promise you that I'm not asking for a MLP to use for either target practice, or because I have some paraphilia related to small latex equines (though MLP's are hollow and can be filled with ballistic gelatin). Truth be told I will simply put the MLP on my shelf of knick-knacks and gee-gaws, next to my stuffed Cthulu, which, along with my diplomas, represent the humble entirety of my life's achievements.

P.S. I won't rule out the possibilty of arranging a MLP's brightly colored synthetic hair into dredlocks.


First of all, happy birthday Edouard.

Secondly, David: stop being a dick.

I wasn't mad at "Dick" because of what he said about my comic, but b/c he's completely rude. Yeah, he's some internet troll, but I chose to not take his abuse- even if it is a complete waste of time.

Also you've been trying to psychoanalyze me (not to mention publicly embarrass me) since 8th grade and I don't like it.

This is some time to ask me for a My Little Pony.

I have but two things to say... First off, there is are many good things to be said about consistency and reliability (It's been a long time since the 8th grade). Secondly, for the dozens of man-hours I've spent trouble-shooting this website, I don't think it unfair to ask for a "small rubber pony, with hair you can comb" as a symbolic reward to go along with my sense of intellectual satisfaction.


When I first met Edouard he used to file his nails a lot. Not so much these days though.

Even still, his nails are a lot cleaner than mine!


I have an interesting story that I want to tell here for the purpose of ranting. It's in regard to the comic that was posted yesterday with Pierre and Tina.

Some dude went on my GoComic's site and used the e-mail feature to send his friend the comic of the day. The person who received it... let's call him "Dick" (and I'm not being insulting here- it is his nickname afterall) replied to the original sender and CC'd me saying that this was another example of why "women can't write men." Conversely, however, "men can write women" because they are able to go "south" of their "consciousness" whereas women have to go "north."

I was a little bit confused about his word choice, but it seemed as if he was putting some sort of value to cardinal points- "north" being better than "south." I e-mailed him back and asked him to clarify.

He wrote back and didn't really answer my question- he referred me to one of David Lynch's books and also to some episode of some banal American television show.

So I wrote him again and implicitly accused him of being sexist and then pointed out "for the record" that the comic that he was quoting was based off a real conversation between a man and a woman.

He wrote back and essentially said- in very vague terms- that women are not able to grasp abstract concepts. Then he told me that maybe I'll be cool when I'm 50 years old.

I wrote back and asked him if he got off at insulting strange women on the internet and that if he is trying to hurt my feelings then he is going to fail. I also added that I am actually, despite rumors, really cool at 25 years old.

He wrote back again with some other insult, and I forgot what I said, but it all ended with him saying that I was a nuisance and that he was going to block my e-mail, which is what I should've done to him first.

Anyway, "Dick"- if you ever google me and find this site I hope you read this blog. You know, I don't even MIND that your writing is vague and that you try to hide your own insecurities and gaps in your logic with eloquent diction, but if you're going to critique someone you could at least be constructive about it.

Making generalizations about the sexes and implicitly insulting me through them isn't helpful to anyone.

If you're trying to eat away at my insecurities by making stupid comments with the air of an authority figure (your condescending tone and the roundabout and inconcise way of speaking), you have failed because I can't respect someone who isn't willing to engage in an intelligent exchange or handle the repercussions of being a jerk.

Anyway, I wanted to write that in the chance that he sees this because even though I was polite to him in my e-mails I want him to really know what I think.

I can't stand pretentiousness.

Which reminds me- I'm back at school this week. Things are well, though I can tell this semester is going to be a lot of work. I've spent everyday this week working from 9 am to 11 pm and going to bed by 1 or 2 am. But it's weird- I'm actually happy it's like that (though I wish my day could end at 8 or 9 pm instead) because it keeps my mind active, which consequently puts me in a better mood.

    "How do you write women so well?"
    "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."
--Jack Nickleson's character from As Good as it Gets

Jeez Jen, if I got worked up over every bit of hate mail I received... (Or as your gentleman callers seem want to do, hate on me by sending an email through you...)

The exchange you detailed reminds me of when I was a Classics/Lit major, and I would spend much of my essays abusing (all the while properly sourcing) quotes and ideas from Simone Weil essays and the writers in her footnotes. Got me through the Iliad, the Oddysey and Attic Poetry/Theartre. (Sadly, she wasn't much use for the Aeneid and Ovid). Then I became a man and learned to stand on my own two feet, and express my thoughts with clarity and concision (well still working on the last one). I find it best to leave insipid metaphor for fan-fiction and unimaginative pop-culture quotation for the butt-end of humor.

Seriously though... you don't need external validation for your art, your writing and your raison d'etre. That all stands on its own no matter what some internet jackass says. I don't understand why you waste your time seeking validation from people who's opinions aren't even well thought out and rational enough to have any bearing on anything related to you.

Anyhow from what you described the guy comes off as a really bad PUA... Or depending on how you look at it... a good one.