January 2008


So I found out yesterday that I got accepted into the PhD program at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU for Egyptology. Thankfully I also got a fellowship for this semester's tuition and health insurance! Anyway, when the head of the academic office told me all of this I started crying- for once the toilet of tears was a pleasant place to visit. (Crying due to uncontrollable happiness is such a weird sensation)

Yesterday I was in a really good mood and I don't think I'd been so happy and proud of myself for a long time now.


I meant to update much earlier than I did today, but I got called into my PhD candidacy meeting early.

I woke up this morning knowing I had to go to school- but originally it was just because I needed to talk to the slide curator, for whom I work. Even though that's all I knew I had to do, I had this terrible feeling when I awoke. Something was telling me that I didn't want to face the day. I'm not a big believer in intuition- especially female intution- so I brushed it off and went to the IFA anyway (I don't know why I'm not a believer- my gut feeling is almost always spot on).

Anyway, so I get to school and have my meeting. Then I go talk to my advisor about my candidacy meeting and what time we have to meet on Thursday morning. He tells me that he thinks that we're all meeting at 9:30 am (groan- I hate waking up early) but to double check with the academic advisor.

So I go in and ask, and it turns out that I have to fill out all this paper work and that maybe I should have my candidacy meeting tonight instead of Thursday.

People normally get all dressed up for their candidacy, but I was in slightly stinky jeans and a stained top (not to mention my slightly crooked emo glasses). Anyway, I was really frazzled and when it came down to my interview I choked a bit.

Everyone says that this meeting is just a formality, so I should "just chill."

Anyway, I'm pooped.


Ok, so I hope everyone enjoyed my humiliation. Let me know if you thought it was completely obnoxious- it's not going to prevent me from talking like a rabbit when the mood strikes, but at least I won't post any more audio of it.

Anyway, two pieces of good news followed by something interesting I saw yesterday (some people would describe it as depressing).

1) Thanks to a reader, I now have that external hard drive that I need. I am gracious to the bone.

2) Last week I found out I got my MA degree from NYU! So now, if I'm so inclined, I can sign my name "Jennifer Babcock, BA, MA."

But I won't.

But anyway, I'm particularly proud of this degree- not that I wasn't proud of my college degree or my high school degree, but I guess this is the first degree that I felt like I REALLY had to sweat for.

For people thinking of going to grad school straight out (or near straight out) of college- think long and hard about it. If you're going to a competitve program you're more than likely going to cry numerous times per semester. During your first year, the way you write and think will be completely broken down and rebuilt according to how your new professors want you to be as a scholar. It's very demoralizing and makes you feel like poop.

In the end, though, I think everything I had been through made me a better analyst and writer... so I have to say it was worth it.

Even though I was told about getting my MA in a very matter of fact way, on the inside there was a parade that was moving from my heart to my butt. (The parade is that tingly feeling of joy you get).

My shrink says I should do something special for myself, but I don't know what that should be. He suggested a pedicure, but since I'm embarrassed by my feet right now and not wanting to spend that much cash, I think I'm going to buy a McFlurry. I'm totally all about the Oreo McFlurries.

So anyway, I work at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art every week, and yesterday I heard that someone tried to jump off the 5th floor of our building (we're on the fourth floor). It happened at 10 am when I was still at my apartment, but my boss told me that he was just standing on the balcony. At first my boss thought he was just out there smoking but then he tossed down this really sad suicide note saying something like "Life isn't worth living. Please tell my wife and kids." When the people on the street got the note everyone started screaming "Don't do it! Don't DO IT!" The guy just stood up there, and as I predicted when Matt told me this story later, tons of police and the SWAT team came. They eventually convinced him not to jump by telling him that he wouldn't be able to kill himself from the 5th floor- that he'd probably just break his wrists. Apparently the social workers were making fun of him on the elevator up. "What does that fool think he's going to do jumping from the 5th floor? All he's going to do is break a leg"

Anyway two thoughts on this: I hope he's doing ok now- even though he's probably in the emergency triage of some mental ward. Anyway... courage, man. I know you were probably just shouting for help- why else would you throw down a note before jumping? Secondly- you social workers- and I'm talking about the ones that were teasing this guy in the elevator- are jerks. I don't care how jaded you may be, just please be more tactful. Couldn't you have AT LEAST waited till you left the scene of the incident to make fun of him? Well...at least you didn't do it to his face.



As Jen had promised I've put up her Rabbit talk recording.

You can stream the file directly by pressing the "play" in the applet below (requires Flash).

Or you can download the .mp3 here. Rabbit Talk.mp3

I've also put up a link to Jen's Amazon wish list to the right. Backing up CLV data files is kinda important, (More important, it seems, than that pony I wanted) and I'm surprised that Jen hasn't already taken steps to do that. Oh well... no day like today.




So later today or tomorrow my humiliation (me doing an impression of a talking rabbit) will be posted. I tried to do it on my iBook but failed so I ended up doing it on a desktop as a WAV, which David will turn into an mp3.

I'm embarrassed at the thought of so many people listening to something so ridiculous- but I always keep my promise.

Speaking of promises, I've gotten a couple of requests to post the pictures of the earrings that Edouard got me for Christmas. I will as soon as I get my camera out and as soon as I can put them in my new ear holes.

David suggested I start an Amazon Wish List, which initially made me uncomfortable even though I know a lot of other web comic artists do it. Anyway, I decided that I wasn't going to ever ask for things that wouldn't benefit the comic- this means I'm not going to ask for music, mp3 players, comic books, art books, or anything else that doesn't help CLV or this website in any way.

That said, I set one up tonight- the link will probably be posted tomorrow or later this week. I only have one thing on it- an external hard drive. Right now, CLV's entire archive is on my laptop and only about 35% of it is backed up on a desktop. I would like something that the archive can be put on that is small and portable so that if there's a fire, I can just run out with it without having to worry about unhooking things.

I'm also really worried about something happening to my laptop- or rather the information inside it- it would be a shame to lose over 1000 high quality images of my comics (not to mention the misc. artwork that I've made).

Anyway, I think I've sent out all the postcards to those people who have donated money toward reserving a table to ArtFest. Thank you so much yet again- I've been told that I'm definitely getting a table. For the people who have donated 50 bucks or more, I'm still thinking of what extra goody I want to send you guys.

It's 1:25 am right now so I'm going to shut up and go to bed now.



So it's been almost two weeks since I've written here- sorry. The week of New Year's I was on the plane a lot and have been adjusting my inner clock to get over my jet lag.

Anyway, I'm back in New York now, and this week went by incredibly fast. As predicted I am really stressed out.

Yesterday in the midst of doing my rabbit voice recording my computer fell over and shut off. It wouldn't turn on again, which naturally made me run around like a headless chicken, scream at people for no reason, and freak out. Edouard came up to me and said it would be ok- that it's just a laptop, but I wouldn't hear it. Later Edouard went to fiddle with it and it came on again. I was so happy and excited that I just had to lie down and hyperventilate slowly.

Anyway, so rabbit voice will have to wait a little longer.

In the meantime, I AM able to post some pictures of a limited edition Vampirella statue that I am selling for about 110 bucks (includes shipping). I'm going to offer it to my readers first- this will be for 2 days only- after that I'm putting this baby on Ebay. If you buy it from me, I'll sketch a picture of Vampirella and throw it in there.

Vampirella is hand cast and hand painted, is at a 1/6 sclae, 7.5, and limited edition. She's still with all of her original packaging. The box is a little beat up but the inside is in mint condition. Here are some pictures of the box:

Money made on this will go toward my school bills. E-mail me if interested at jen_babcock(at)hotmail.com

You know Jen, as important as an education, a roof over your head, and food is, you may want to consider buying an external Hard Drive, to back up your all the CLV comic originals, especially if you continue to insist on dropping your laptop like you do.

Since it will be a few months before I can save up enough money to fly out to NY and work IT miracles, I suggest you invest in some sorta backup solution lest your clumsiness destroy CLV comic history.



Hello everybody! Just a quick note, there was a small bug in the Facebook App invite method that was outlined below. (Actually it was a broken link... Which is a really embarrassing error to let slip from a programming perspective). The app is fully functional now. You can invite your friends to install the app and it will work. If you were having problems inviting your friends earlier this week, please try again.




Hey everybody!! It's David, Jen's pitifully remunerated web/programming monkey with a quick announcement.

I've added some functionality to the C'est la vie Facebook app (install it from here) namely an invite feature. Jen and I have been working behind the scenes trying to get the word out about C'est La Vie in New York and Los Angeles respectively, and the Facebook App has long been a part of our guerrilla marketing strategy for the internet at large.

Once again I'm asking for all ya'lls {Thanks Creek} y'alls help getting the word out. If you enjoy C'est la Vie (and you have the Facebook App installed) please invite your Facebook friends to install the CLV Facebook app and check out C'est La Vie. You can invite your friends from here (just log into facebook first) or if you are on your Facebook profile page you can click the link outlined in red as displayed below.

Quick note for those who are interested, I haven't merged these changes with the source-code release of the CLV Facebook app yet (which is availiable at the bottom of the Extras page. There are still some more features I wish to add to the app before I tidy up the code and make a source release