December 2007


Last day of the year- can you believe it? I've actually kept up my blog for these past 12 months... even when I was in the dumpiest of dumps.

I remember 365 days ago, I was on a plane from Los Angeles to New York. On New Year's Eve, I went to a lame party in Brooklyn and was depressed for the entire thing. The next day, on New Year's Day, it rained and I traveled all the way to the Metropolitan Opera to get tickets for Die Zauberflote (would've been my second time seeing it) only to find out that they were sold out. My friend also ditched me. I think I cried that night.

I remember trying to cheer myself up by telling myself that 365 days later things would be completely different- I just couldn't do it.

It's very hard to think of change happening in a matter of days- but eventually it does happen, and I'm in a better place right now- maybe not financially, but at least I am emotionally- and I think that's more important.

Also this year I'm in HAWAII


You know Jen, I remember just over a year ago, you came to me asking for help with your website. I had originally intended to palm your problem off to one of my buddies skilled at web development, but having found myself pulling jury duty with only my laptop to keep me company, I decided to pass the time by trying to decipher the PHP backend to your website.

I actually thought that fixing CLV would be a one time thing, and after I repaired your News and Comic archives, I would sit down and teach you how to do this yourself so I could get on with my life.

And now just over a year later, I find myself still manning the archives, cobbling together facebook apps and resisting the urge to publicly excoriate your blog entries. It doesn't carry the same emotional gravitas of what you had to say vis a vis your year in review but... I'm not too dissapointed that things turned out the way that they did.

Happy New Year y'all! ---David



Drawing for hours straight makes my neck and upper back hurt. I need to get one of those massage chair thingies from Brookstone... except I suspect that it actually makes it hurt more.

This vacation, I fear, is going to feel too short. While I've had some time to relax, I've also been busy taking care of things that need to be attended to. I suspect that the stress will grow once I land in JFK b/c I'll be reminded of my disappearing health insurance, my growing bills, my lack of money, and the lack of time I have to get things straightened out with NYU.

On the bright side, at least getting some Christmas checks makes me feel better, and my new iPod Nano is awesome (my 2002 brick model has kicked the bucket). Also, I can feel "very fab and glam" with my new earrings.

Now I sound like a whiny brat.

I'm not.

Someday I'd like to do a photo journal called "A Day in the Life of Jennifer Babcock" with annotations that illustrate my neurosis. (I guess that's a step up from psychosis, but some people would argue that I suffer from that too).

Anyway, I'm going to record my impression of a talking rabbit. I just need to figure out how to use the software properly.



Merry Christmas, readers.

Sorry for my absence last week- it was filled with stress, crying, and working. I got back to LA (barely- I almost missed my flight) on the 23rd and have been decompressing bits and pieces since.

Edouard and I did a gift exchange before we traveled to opposite sides of the globe to be with our respective families. I got him a very fuzzy robe so that he can lounge comfortably, and he got me those pretty silver mesh earrings that I have been drooling over for the past 5 years.

Right now Edouard and I are experiencing a 9 hour time difference, and on the 30th of the month it'll be 12 hours because I'm going on a family trip to Hawai'i, which will be great. I need the vacation like a supermodel needs food.

I'm only saying this because Edouard and I will be in the same city again soon, but being in separate time zones- especially when they are as drastic as they are now, is kinda cool. It's like I'm speaking into the future, and he's going back in time.

I was going to talk about Jamie Lynn Spears and how she's a terrible role model, but then I remembered that no one really cares.

Teen pregnancy?! In AMERICA?! MADNESS!



Okay, I finished commenting the sourcecode to the ClV Facebook App and it is available for download here. So any webcomic artists out there who want to have a Facebook app, get busy (Just read the README first). If you have any problems with the code that is not covered in the README feel free to email me (David) or post to the CLV Facebook App Developer page.

Lastly a few shout outs. The CLV Facebook App is a slightly modified version of Devin Johnston's Facebook RSS reader the NDP Supporter App available here. He did ALL the coding, and was nice enough to release the source code of his efforts. I also need to acknowledge my surf buddy Victor, who helped me trouble shoot a PHP error that was keeping me up at night (Once again, PHP5 is a suave well-mannered sophisticate while PHP4 is uncouth and sloven boor). Victor is a master code-smith who is currently programming, from scratch, his own social networking website, an example of which is Fabulously 40. (In case anyone was interested).

Anyhow I posted a link to source of the CLV Facebook App in the Extras page in case anyone would be interested in this App in the future.



Hey everybody, David here, I have a few announcements to make. First off, as of 2:00 pm PST yesterday, I finished my last final and graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Biochemistry. Only took me 7.5 years to do it. Good times...

With that out of the way I now have the time to finish up a few C'est La Vie related projects, namely the C'est La Vie Facebook App. As you know CLV has a Facebook Group, we also have an RSS based Facebook App so that fans can read the latest comic from their Facebook page (We make it easy on you).

In regards to the Facebook app, I will soon be releasing the sourcecode as soon as I finish commenting and annotating it so that any webcomic artists in the readership can use the code to put up their own Facebook app if they want to. After that I'm going to start laying the groundwork for the C'est La Vie Facebook App Ver. 2.0!

Finally in other graduation news, I want to congratulate C.L., who also graduated from UCLA this quarter, and managed to do twice as much as I did at UCLA, in half the time. C.L. is currently sponsoring C'est La Vie, and draws the wonderful webcomic Kawaii Daigakusei [Cute College Student] which is a great read and an Art History education wrapped up in a comic form.



Let's balance out yesterday's blog with some happiness- readers, y'all are awesome.

So far people have donated enough for me to rent out a table at MoCCA's ArtFest as well as get some items for the comic's promotion. I am really grateful, and if the genoristy train keeps on chugging, I can put together a really awesome table in June.


Apparently, no one really cares how I humiliate myself, so I'm going to go with the most convenient option for me, which is to record my impression of a talking rabbit. While talking like a rabbit is something I do quite often with close friends, it is actually embarrassing to demonstrate for other people. I'll try to do this soon.

I've been really busy these past few weeks. Today I went to talk to one of my professors and the assistant director of the department, which turned out a lot better than expected. Instead of running to the bathroom to cry in the toilet of tears, I left each appointment more or less hopeful.

Unfortunately, the assistant director also said that it was still possible that I would spend another semester in limbo and that I might need to maintain matriculation, which would be horrible, b/c that's about 1,600 dollars- a cost that the school is not willing to fund. So, now I need to think of what to do.

Now I shall write about what I think is the downfall of my beloved AHUSA (Art History Undergraduate Student Association). Back in 2003, I took the organization and revamped it so that it could be an active part of UCLA's art history department again. Now it's being overrun by "Greeks" (and no, I don't mean people that come from Greece... though maybe some people there actually ARE Greek...) who seem to only be interested in running the show so that their resume will look good. Well... what can I say? The Greek system has been my mortal enemy since 2001 for mostly good reasons (I gave Edouard a list of reasons why I dislike sororities and fraternities when he thought I was being unreasonable- he had thought of joining a fraternity and his eldest brother was in one). Don't get me wrong- I have friends that were in fraternities and sororities, and I don't think any less of them. I just personally won't ever understand the need or desire to be part of something like that.

I think however... that if I ever have children I will forbid them from joining the Greek system if it's something like what it is today. Scratch that- forbid is such a strong word. I think I'll tell them that they are most welcome to join a fraternity/sorority if they want, but they're going to have to pay for their dues and housing arrangements. I will also refuse to go to any of the Mother/Daughter Mother/Son events that happen about once a year.

Anyway, I don't want to pay for my kid's social circle. They can make friends and connections the "hard" way- by introducing themselves to strangers and starting a conversation.

Back to AHUSA though- I'm still part of their group on facebook, so I often get e-mails from the organization about upcoming events, which I enjoy b/c I see a lot of the traditions that my officers and I started continue along with some new ones that subsequent presidents organized. Anyway, whoever writes these notices (and I know who writes them b/c this person always signs their name at the end) always includes an excessive number of exclamation points at the end of every other sentence, which is a pet peeve of mine.

I think when done every once in a while, the +1 number of exclamation points is fine, especially when you're announcing something that's "kinduva big deal." But when you do it in EVERY OTHER sentence in EVERY message you send you sound:

1) Manic and completely insane. NOTHING can be that god damn exciting.

2) Uneducated.

3) A ditz.

4) like another reason why I shouldn't like you.

5) Did I mention like a ditz?

Yes, I did.

And it's yet another reason, by the way, that sororities (the author is a girl) get a bad rep from people like me- people who think that the majority (notice how I did not say all) of sorority girls gaggle around hitting each other with pillows in their underwear, and hatin' on people who don't like to do bake sales wearing matching T-shirts and flip flops.

You are putting an academic organization to shame. (So please!!!! Stop doing it. It's really annoying!!!!!!!)

Oh my god!!!!!!!

I would elaborate further on my dislike of fraternities/sororites, but that would require pages and pages. In short, I feel that they hinder individuality and consequently stunt unique personalities- there's gotta be something wrong with a place that makes you dress up like your "brothers and sisters" and follow inane, pointless rituals to be "part of the team."

I will give them some credit though- it's good training for becoming yet another gear in the intriciate machinery of a large corporation.

Oh great, now I sound like a hipster slumming around the Lower East Side looking for cheap PBR.


Wow guys, I didn't even have time to make a chart- thanks to your generous donations, I've already hit 200 dollars! Thank you so much- I really appreciate you helping me to get to ArtFest. Everyone who helped via paypal will be getting a postcard from me- each one has a unique sketch. My 50 dollars and up contributers will get an additional goodie from me in a few more weeks.

So anyway, if you wanted to contribute- please don't let me reaching my goal of 200 stop you! (This will help me with additional ArtFest costs- not to mention my bills and rent)


So as promised, I guess I have to humiliate myself. I didn't actually think I would make this goal, so joke's on me.

So what shall it be then?

Off the top of my head, I have:

1) Record myself doing an impression of a talking rabbit

2) Singing a song I don't really know at one of my karaoke sessions (conversely, you can hear a song I sing decently well at karaoke, which would be Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet")

3) Dancing like a jerk to a silly song.

Anyway, if I think of anything else I'll put it up here. You can e-mail me to tell me what you would like to see. No nudity.

I'm a lady.

Speaking of being a lady, I was thinking of how much money I could make doing foot fetish videos (this was after paying some bills)- foot videos, from what I understand, aren't really that sexual at all. I think someone told me that they saw one on some sex documentary and it was basically just footage of someone's foot squishing around in raw eggs.

I can do that!

I have freakishly wide feet. I'm sure some weirdo would like it if I made a video of me desperately trying to squeeze my entire foot into a stiletto.

Just kidding mom and dad.

Hey Jen, here's an idea, no matter what you end up doing, either videotaping yourself talking like Bugs Bunny, singing something from the New Kids on the Block catalogue, doing the Macarena, or all three things at the same time... you should do it balancing pancakes on your head a la Oolong the bunny! (Rest in peace old chum...)

Oh and afterwards you should like... put it on Youtube. And Facebook, and Myspace. Because humiliating yourself is no fun unless you run the risk of becoming the next Star Wars Kid.



Someone donated 10 dollars for my ArtFest fund today- thank you. That brings me to 80, so I only need about 70-150 dollars more to reach my goal. I'll hopefully have time to make you guys some sort of chart showing my progress. I've been super busy today.


Several comics went up today.

The crushing of my academic ego is postponed for now- probably until next week or something. Meanwhile, I'm still stressing out- before January I have to 1) figure out what's going on with my MA theses 2) find health insurance, and 3) figure out if my school is going to let me continue to the PhD --> a) find classes for next semester b) find a job.

My stomach hurts, so let's talk about some cool things:

1) So far I've raised about 70 bucks. Thank you. Thank you. I really want to be part of MoCCA's ArtFest this coming year (scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about it), so it means a lot to me. If you would like to help me with the fees that I'll need to participate (about 150-200 bucks), I'm accepting donations via paypal (link is to your right) and using all the money I make through the CLV store. Everyone who donates via paypal gets a sketch on the back of an NYC postcard from me (something I never advertised before, but figured I might as well spill the beans on my secret now)- and remember:

2) As a Christmas present, my boss took me to a piercing place to get my earlobes pierced. It wasn't too bad- they used this box gun thing, and the woman doing the piercings was really nice. She told me when to breathe and what to expect- it didn't hurt that much.

I was really nervous when I went in to get it done. I must've looked like a complete pansy since the girl in the next room was getting her third tattoo. After the woman put in the first hole, I said "Well, that wasn't too bad." The tattoo girl's friend leaned over and said "What did you get pierced?"

"...My ears..."

"What part? The cartilage?"

How embarrassing- "Um, no... just the lobes. First time."

She was shocked. SHOCKED.

3) It SNOWED today!