November 2007


Ok... so got back from LA, which was fun.

Back in New York only to return to stress and gloom.

I am pretty pissed. I'm not going to talk about it right now- let's just say that part of it has to do with school. I'll probably write about it here later this week- after I talk to the assistant director of the IFA when the remnants of my confidence as an art historian will be crushed and subsequently flatline.

I can't talk about the other reason why I'm pissed b/c in order for any of you to understand it, I would have to disclose the identities of private individuals- also you probably would've had to have been in my shoes for the past year anyway.

Moving on, I got my poster the other day from the CLV shop and took some pictures of myself with it so it can give you guys some sense of scale. The quality of the printing and the paper is very good and I'm happy with how it looks. The holidays are coming up and it would make a good present (along with the other merchandise in the store) for your friends, loved ones, etc.

It looks good anywhere!

In the bedroom..

In the kitchen...

And even in the bathroom...

I'm sure it would look great in a dorm room or office, but I don't have either so I can't show you what it would look like.

Anyway, your consumerism would really help me out this holiday season.

By the way, I decided to strike a deal. If my readers are able to raise enough money to rent a table at this year's ArtFest(about $150-200)- either through merchandise or donations not only will I be completely grateful but I'll probably record myself doing something really embarrassing for you guys (such as doing my impression of a talking rabbit or singing a stupid song I don't know really well at karaoke). Either that or I'll put up something special for you guys on here- or the highest donator will get some sort of art thing drawn by moi- whatever. I would just like to get back into the comic convention scene, and ArtFest is probably the least expensive and most worth while for me to participate in.

I'm still totally cool with humiliating myself though- I do it all the time for free (sometimes unintentionally)- some of you are asking now, "Well if you do it for free, why should I give you money?" The answer is: Because I'm probably not friends with you and you don't have the chance to see me acting like an idiot. Also, it's good karma.



Now, some of you might not know this but I love lagomorphs. There are three types of lagomorphs I like best: 1) Bunnies 2) Rabbits and 3) Bunny- rabbits. Don't make me choose a favorite.

Anyway, thanks David for putting those links up- "Poisoining Pigeons in the Park" is a great song and if you haven't heard it, I recommend sampling it. It's classic.

I put up today's comic early b/c I was trigger happy and not thinking. Oh well.

Been playing some guitar hero, which is making my left hand pretty arthritic- I haven't played it in a while so it's been taking effort to get back to playing in hard mode fluidly.



David here...

I imagine most of the C'est La Vie's readers will recognize the song mentioned in yesterday's (11-14-07) comic. If you did not, you are a lucky person, but in case you care, the song on Donna's Ipod was "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. For those of you who want to sample more of her music, click the amazon link to the right... (Let's just say that I would not of picked "Girlfriend" as the first released single of that album.)

Some people might not be able to place today's (11-15-07) musical reference though. The song on Donna's Ipod today is "Poisioning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer. "The Elements" is my favorite Tom Lehrer song, and I believe it was the inspiration of the Animanics skit "Yakko sings the countries of the world". If you want to hear more of Tom Lehrer's music follow the amazon links above for samples. If you like what you hear, support CLV and buy a CD from Amazon. They make great Thanksgiving Day gifts and I'm sure Jen would appreciate it.

Tom Lehrer fun fact: He is rumoured to be inventor of the Jello Shot.




So yesterday Friday, Saturday, and Sunday comics were posted and today Monday and today's comic went up.

Noteworthy events:

1) Two Fridays ago I went to see my old professor from UCLA, Miwon Kwon, give a lecture at my department. Afterwards there was a reception. I was grabbing some white wine when two older women started talking to me. Then, in the middle of the conversation, they started referring to me using the third person as if somehow that would magically make me deaf to their words. It was flattering at first- one said "She's very pretty." The other said "Yes, she's very exotic looking." Awkwardly I jumped in and said, "Well, that might be because I'm half Japanese." In unison they both said "Ooooooh.... that explains the pale skin and dark hair... and your slanty eyes." WTF? Then they told me that I should really read Memoirs of a Geisha. Whatevers.

2) The other day Edouard told me that sometime I should really write all my thoughts down because they're really weird and might make good stand up material. Too bad about the whole stage fright thing.

Today I was thinking "It would be kinda cool to be a drag queen. I wonder if there are women who ever wished they could be a transgendered male. Is there a name for that? " That would be pretty weird though- a woman wishing she could be a man that wishes (s)he was a woman. I'm not being terribly PC here- so sorry.

3)Yesterday I eavesdropped on an interesting conversation as I was drawing my comic. In my defense, the couple started talking about what I was doing... and my ears were burning- the rest is history.

They were a couple of international students doing some sort of grad program here at NYU. I could tell that this was their first time hanging out. They kept doing that stupid dance everyone has to do when they're first getting to know someone. In the middle of the conversation, I picked up that the Sicilian (who had a very sorry moustache) has a girlfriend somewhere and that the British girl has a boyfriend in Ireland. I got the suspicion that the girl was starting to crush on Mr. 'taliano b/c she kept playing with her hair and her entire body was positioned toward him. Throughout the conversation they kept getting closer and closer to each other.

This is going to be interesting, I thought.

I knew for sure that British girl had a crush on Mr. 'taliano because somewhere in the middle of the conversation she tapped him gently on the shoulder and started giggling like an idiot. She also averted her gaze whenever he looked at her straight in the eye (this is when I started realizing that Mr. 'taliano reciprocated amorous feelings). God bless my FANTASTIC periphery vision.

I thought, this is GREAT! It's like a soap unfurling before my eyes!

Then, he started playing with her hair and took her chin gently in his hands. On the exterior, I looked cool and concentrated- on the inside I was grinning and cackling, rubbing my hands together as if I had some sort of mischievious plan.

Anyway, he proceeded to caress her face and she kept looking down and playing with her hair. Incomprehensible murmuring. Then I hear her say "I'm sorry... " murmur murmur murmur "It's not you... I just don't think- murmurmurmur-boyfriend-murmurmurmur- age difference- murmurmurmurmur." Mr. 'taliano looked hurt. She tried to cheer him up by combing his eyebrows but he just nudged her away and stared sadly into space.

I thought, "I'm totally blogging this."

They were about to leave and I was going to leave anyway, so I made sure to follow them out (b/c I'm creepy like that). Outside, I pretended to check my messages on my phone. Mr. 'Taliano and British girl gave each other a long embrace- his was out of longing, hers was out of pity with maybe a slight dash of desire. Then, Mr. 'taliano had the nerve to try to give her a smooch on the lips, but British girl dodged the bullet so that it turned into the "let's be friends" Eurokiss. He tried to kiss her again and she turned the other way. You'd think the poor guy would just give up, but he actually tried 4 more times- so in the end they had 2 complete Eurokisses (not including the first one). Finally, they split in different directions and went their separate ways.

Don't worry Mr. 'taliano- she definitely likes you, and unless things are going perfectly with her boyfriend (and I'm assuming they're not b/c I could tell she totally wants you and your sorry moustache), I foresee that it will only take a few more weeks and maybe a beer for her to give you a real kiss.

So what have we learned here?

1) If you're some guy in Ireland with a girlfriend doing graduate work at NYU- and your girlfriend has bright red hair and talks about some dude she's met who's from Sicily- better send her some flowers, man.

2) If you're going to hang over my shoulder while I'm drawing and then talk about what I'm doing, you better believe that more likely than not, I'm going to hang on to your conversation. And I guess you better not be talking about something interesting because as you can see- I'll blog it.



It's a proud day for Jennifer Miyuki Babcock.

I did a couple of amazing things these past two days, which may not sound like a big deal to you, but it's as big deal for me.

1) Someone in my life, who I have become very close to in New York, wanted to impose themselves greatly on me. Rather than saying "ok, yeah I guess..." and beating around the bush to avoid subsequent guilt and bitterness on that person's end I was like "No!" Assertiveness. Just do it.

2) Another person with whom I used to be rather close has been... how do I say it? Well he's been quite the trou du cul to me the past year. So I sent said trou du cul a firm, polite e-mail expressing my feelings. As a result, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Now I'm going to fix my paper, write people some e-mails, and upload a comic.

This past weekend I went to the new Tiffany's on Wall St. The interior decoration was great.

Thanks again to our current sponsor, Kawaii Daigakusei



Yay my iBook is fixed.

I've been feeling down or numb this week- from stressful situations and feeling bloated. Thirty minutes ago I was getting frustrated because I don't have an annual income and reliable health insurance like my working friends- another reason why grad school sucks. Read PhD for more on this.

My roommate who works at an art gallery in Midtown just bought a used piano, which made me realize- if I had a job, I could buy a piano... or better yet... JEWELRY.

Some people don't understand why I like jewelry so much or why it matters that it's high quality (made out of precious and semi-precious materials).

Bottom line: It's pretty and makes me feel nice. It's like why chicks buy fancy underwear even if they don't intend on showing it to anyone.

And unlike a lot of people, I treasure all of my treasures- I polish and clean them regularly and rotate necklaces and rings regularly.

That said- material wealth and money can't buy happiness. But as mom always says- it's better to be depressed and have money than be depressed with no money.

It sure makes things less frustrating.

(On a side note- when I'm uber depressed, I've noticed that I'm prone to go shopping rather than turn to food. In fact, I lose my appetite, which is why back in mid May I had dropped down to a scary 109 pounds with my rib cage and sternum showing. Yay for Ed for feeding me so I can get back to worrying about butt cellulite again.)