May 2007


Three comics up today.

My birthday went well even though I got kinda sick from the amounts of sake to be had. My boss gave me the original copy of the speech he made for the Star Wars stamp innuagaration celebration, my roommate got me Aranciata Fanta from Italy, and of course, I got lots of free drinks from various people. The only thing that could've made my birthday better was if it wasn't so freakin' hot that day.

I've been having some pretty vivid nightmares lately about betrayal and false friendships.

It's rather sad, actually.

"He would not stay for me, and who can wonder?
He would not stay for me to stand and gaze.
I shook his hand and tore my heart in sunder
And went with half my life about my ways."

- A.E. Housman


It's my birthday today! And you know what? I'm not depressed today at all.

I got a free espresso milkshake and it was yummy.

To my friends and family: I met this nice young man named Edouard. He's very sweet and has been improving my quality of life.


Two comics up today. Thanks for all the e-mails of support.

Would report more, but I have to finish some other work.


Today you get four comics because I haven't had access to wifi in the last few days. So enjoy the marathon.

I guess that's it for now.

(I'm awkward)


I'm happy today!


The depression and nausea has increased. My duvet cover is actually stained from the constant stream of tears.

It's my birthday in two weeks and I'm not looking forward to it. I'll be 25, which means I'll officially hit my mid- 20s and I don't know what to do to "celebrate" it.

What's the point of birthday celebrations anyway? I didn't have to push my fat head out of my vagina. I think I might've expressed a similar sentiment last year... something about how it's just a big celebration that somehow one has managed to cheat death for another 365 days. In some countries that probably is a big achievement, but for me- coming from a middle class background and living in a wealthy nation... it really isn't something to toot one's horn about. I guess I could celebrate the fact that I haven't thrown myself out the window yet.

Ok, I really should stop writing such depressing things here. It worries my friends and family and makes people not want to talk to me.

Maybe if I became a chain smoking novelist people wouldn't worry so much- maybe people would even expect this kind of behavior. But for a comic strip artist, it's a bit too unsettling.

A few weeks ago I was reading my old blogs from years back, and saw how happy they sounded. Was I happy or just oblivious? I don't know, but reading them made me want to vomit.

Crap- I promised I would write happy things.

Ok let's start over.

The days have been pleasant in the Big Apple and I've been reading a lot of non required books. I'm putting up a show on web comics at the comics museum. My professor really liked the paper I wrote for him this semester. I'm almost done with finals. Umm... I've been eating lots of great food lately. I saw the Glass House in New Canaan, CT on Monday. Some guy tried to get fresh with me last week and I slapped him straight across the face, which was liberating- too bad the sicko actually got turned on by that. Luckily another gentleman stepped in and made him leave me alone. I didn't waste my money on Spiderman 3, which I hear is awful. I really like the coffee shop I go to. Some new collections came into Tiffany & Co., which I can't buy of course, but I like to stare at them and imagine that I could buy them. Last Friday my roommate K, my friend Nick, and I did a great rendition of "Love Shack." Everyone applauded. Oh- and I didn't have to go back to the hospital this week. Excellent.


Ok, two comics up today in an effort to make up for my absence.

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So sorry for my absence but I was in the hospital, which was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. I wasn't allowed to have anyone bring my laptop, so I couldn't do any work. Don't worry though, I'll make it up to you all.


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