April 2007


Two comics up today- sorry for the delay.

Mornings are typically bad. It's like everything has been reset and I have to start all over again. What a bother.

Letter for mom and dad:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Since I don't have to sit for candidacy until September, I can wait to apply for financial aid then. In the meantime, I'm looking for fellowships as well.



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What will the night bring? Rainbows or painbows? We will see.

This is a letter for mom and dad:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I was talking to one of my professors today about my MA thesis (the one about comics) and he told me that he would be interested in seeing it through to dissertation level. Of course, I wasn't really planning on staying at the IFA so I didn't bother looking into financial aid. There might be some fellowships available, but if for whatever reason I can't get any and if by some act of God the PhD committee allows me to stay and work on such a bohemian topic, could I have another year of your very much appreciated financial help?

There is a chance that the school won't let me work on this topic, but this professor has been here since the 50s so he has some say as to what goes on.

Anyway, if this goes through it would be very cool. I bought a bottle of nice champagne to celebrate the fact that any professor at this stuffy school would even consider supervising such an off the wall topic.



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I've been pretty melancholy the last few days (what else is new?) Today I was really irritable with this girl in my class who kept lecturing me about how I shouldn't eat fried foods b/c I'll die sooner or something. I basically responded with something like this: "Whatever, maybe I'm just jaded, but we're all going to die someday anyway... and it doesn't really matter when we die. Most of us will just leave our footprints on the beach of time, which will be inevitably be erased by the tide." Then she shut up... thank god. That girl talks way too much.

It's raining now, which makes me happier. Seeing people prance around the park so carefreely and happily made me bitter and resentful. This isn't necessarily related to me feeling alienated and detached from the world and the people in it, but also because I'm in the midst of finishing finals.

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Women and men are shedding their coats, pale legs are exposed, and pigeons are mounting each other. Spring is here. You know what else is here? The end of the semester. Once my theses are done I'll have my Master's degree. How strange.

About a year ago I did a few commission pieces for a French web site about an amateur RPG. Go check it out here. My drawings are under "Encyclopedie" in the articles "Demoniaque," "Elfes des Profondeurs" and "Necromantique."

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I have so much work to do it's scary.

Thanks to every one who has been participating in this contest- I've received a lot of very interesting interpretations already! I decided that I better put a cap on it though, so let's just say that a deadline for an interpretation will be on May 1st. After my finals are over (mid May) I'll go back and read all of them and make my decision.

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As I've mentioned before, it's been hard for me lately to remember dreams, but last night I had a quite vivid one.


To the person that can best interpret this dream, I will send them an original sketch of Mona, Monsieur Smokey, Donna, and Pierre together. No, I'm not kidding. I'm being "fer realsies" as the one of the head cheeses of MoCCA would say.

This is the dream:

I was lighting a blue candle- specifically, the blue candle that sits on my dresser. The flame of the candle burned rapidly and incredibly brightly. The flame was frightengly large, and I remember trying to blow it out but not being able to. I also remember thinking "Oh crap, I'm going to set the apartment on fire and my roommates are going to be sooo pissed." Eventually I started taking the melting wax and sculpting around it so that the fire would just melt the wax instead of spread out to the wood of my dresser, consequently burning the place down. Once I did that I continued to sculpt the wax around it into petals, so that it would be a rose. The flame extinguished and the "petals" started unfolding by themselves until it turned into a beautiful poppy. The poppy was real, and the blue was very intense (for any art historians/conservationists out there, I would say the color was close to lapis blue pigment). I peeked inside the poppy, which had this bright golden center. I tried to show someone this poppy but they didn't seem to care. I remember being absolutley amazed by how beautiful it was- probably the most beautiful flower I had ever seen... and I couldn't believe that it came from burning a candle.

So the contest begins and will end whenever I get an interpretation that is better than any idea I was able to get from looking up "candle" and "poppy" in dream dictionaries.

I typically think that dreams are just compilations of the day's events or just weird manifestations of anxieties, but this one stuck out to me, and I would like to know what people think.

All interpretations should go to my e-mail: jen_babcock(at)hotmail.com


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I got the address to the Musuem of Cartoon and Comic art wrong- it's 594 Broadway between Houston and Prince streets. Suite 401.

Go right now.

(Unless it's after 5 pm, when it closes.)

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Friday the thirteenth. How auspicious (look, I used an SAT word).

I've been feeling really weird this past week. I'm incredibly anxious and in the past two weeks I've woken up very sweaty and yucky (see April 1st's post). My mind is consumed with paranoid thoughts and conspiracy theories. Pretty much the only things that can calm me down is drawing this comic, wine, and blasting classical music into my ear drums (most notably Mozart's Mass in C Minor).

But enough ranting about my spiral into insanity (for now). What's new?

I got an unpaid curatorial position at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art, located between Prince and Houston Sts. on Broadway. It's pretty cool, and I suggest visiting. Address: 596 Broadway (almost invisible to the casual passerby) in Suite 401. If you come in on a Saturday between 12- 5 pm you can see me sitting in the back, or maybe the front desk contemplating life, new exhibits, or whatever.

There's a full time Curatorial position available at the Brooklyn Museum in their Egyptian Dept. so I think I should apply for that.

Today I was talking on the steps of my department with a colleague and noticed a completely flattened out pigeon on the street. The blood was smeared a good 5 inches away from the rotting carcass. It was mesmerizing. Whenever I see disturbing things like that I can't keep my eyes off it. It's morbidly beautiful, which is something that a lot of people can't understand, but there's something very artistic about roadkill, especially when it's spread all over the street like a Jackson Pollock. I saw something very similar a few weeks ago in Chelsea, except it was a pigeon that had just keeled over in the middle of the street out of old age. My friend almost stepped on it. I'm glad it lived a long pigeon life and I hope it enjoyed flying about the city and picking god knows what on the street with its germ infested beak.

Sometimes when I miss Nibbles I image google "rabbit," which brings me a fair amount of joy. I hate it when google pops up an image of a maimed rabbit or a rabbit that died from testing though. Talk about raining on my parade. Geez.

Anyway, my good friend Dave is CLV's sponsor this month. You can click on his advertisement on the right of this page. He writes storylines for video games and is very influenced by classic Sierra games. Go and take a look.

That's it for now. At this point I'm just typing here because I don't want to write my paper even if it is about comics.


Hopppy Easter.

Two comics up. Blah.


I'll spare everyone the April Fool's stupidity.

Sorry these two comics are going up late. I felt like death yesterday and couldn't really remove myself from my bed. I felt very clammy and gross.

There were two nights this week where I woke up in literally a pool of sweat, which is unusual for me since I don't sweat or get body odor (it's the truth- if you ever meet me in person, I'll let you sniff my armpit). My guess is that I must have had some really terrible nightmares, which I thankfully don't remember since the sleeping pills that I felt compelled to take those two nights are also amnesiacs.

I saw some friends from college on Friday and it was fun. They were the ones that got married almost two years ago in August. My friend and I took them to the Lower East Side, which I hope they enjoyed. I was sad that my other college friend, who just moved here this summer, couldn't go but he had a fever of 102.5 that night! Thankfully he didn't die because then I would feel even more alone and depressed.

They've also been filming a pilot for a TV series at my department. It's about some rich family that lives in the Upper East Side. They got a bunch of flowers and antique furniture for the mansion, and it looked ridiculous.

Today they're throwing everything out, including the flowers, which they spent $22,000 on. I picked the ones that still looked fresh and made a bouquet for myself. Then I looked in the mirror and sighed to myself and walked solemnly to the Met to do some work in front of the Temple of Dendur.