March 2007


This is me looking charming in front of the Met. Look at those darling shoes! Teehee.

Seriously, getting this dressed up really helps when you need something taken cared of with the customer service desk at the gift shop. I had 5 people wanting to assist me.

I couldn't help but get Taco's "Puttin' on the Ritz" stuck in my head.


Back in New York- two comics up today, because I couldn't upload them earlier.

I think I'm going to have someone else upload the reserve of comics I have for the next couple of weeks, so if there are any problems, it isn't my fault.


Two comics up- sorry for the delay.

Beware the Ides of March.


Today is the second anniversary of Nibbles's death. I hope you're happy in bunny heaven. I still think of you all the time.

You're so cute!

Also I flew back to L.A. today and am exhausted.


Today I'm going to a gallery opening- but this time the gallery opening is a little more special since I was its coordinator. The other show, which is coupled with this one, opens next week, so I won't be able to go to it b/c I'll be in L.A. for my spring break. The artist's name is Naoto Nakagawa. His show, Triple X, is up at White Box Gallery (525 W. 26th St) until March 31st, and his other show Scream of Nature will be up at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts (18 Jay St.) from March 15th to April 15th. You can check out his website if you'd like. He's a nice guy.

Today I did my weekly weigh-in, hoping to have gained weight. Last week I gained two pounds, but unfortunately, I'm sad to say that I lost 4 pounds, making me a pathetic 111 pounds. Maybe I can fatten up in LA, where I drive everywhere and eat tacos and other assorted junk foods.


I'm typing this while I'm projecting slides for a lecture. I feel so scandelous! It's for a course called "The Portrait in Ancient Egypt."

Today I feel like dog poo.


I saw some shoes at Nine West that I was thinking about getting. I took pictures of them with my camera and sent it to my three roommates. Two of them said "cute- buy them" but I didn't hear from my third roommate, who I trust the most when it comes to shoes. Later she met me in midtown and I showed them to her, and she gave it a thumbs down. We went to another shoe store where she picked up some shoes I wouldn't have ever looked at, but because my roommate has such a great eye for shoes, they of course looked great on me. It reminds me of this video- I've been obsessed with it since January.

So NYU counseling called me and told me that the psychiatrist is sick today and couldn't meet with me, which is a little worrisome since I'm low on my sleeping pills- what I have will definitely not last me until our next scheduled appointment. They told me they have some walk in medication service, which concerns me a bit- is NYU just throwing medication at just anyone? I also had to move today's therapy session to Friday, which means no spilling of soul and guts for another 5 days or so. Oh well.

Here's something that's cool- there's this old woman that sits in on my Friday afternoon seminars. She's a major art collector in Manhattan who owns a lot of Old Master paintings. I also found out that she is the mother of Mike D. of the Beastie Boys! I sit next to her every Friday!


My archivist is doing a poor job with archiving my past posts. Yes, David, I'm talking to YOU. Archive my posts! Archive them! I'm flying back to L.A. next week for spring break. I'm going to harass you in person.

I have a presentation for my conservation class at the Met on Wednesday. Once again, I'm nervous-wervous, but this time even more so because I don't really know jack about conservation issues. Today I went and stared at the painting I'm presenting on for 2 hours, which would in normal circumstances look very strange to the casual passerby. Since I was wearing my IFA (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU) badge, I looked very official however, and people probably thought I was doing something awesome for the Met. Anyway, from what I can tell, the red lake pigments in the painting are fading, the wood panel is bowing, causing it to make vertical cracks on the surface, and the very most left hand corner of the painting has been redone, since it was chopped in half sometime during its lifetime. There are other problems with it, but if I type them up now, I might as well be writing my paper for it instead of procrastinating. If you're curious about seeing this painting, it's called Eve with Cain and Abel by Bacchiacca.

Anyway, what else is there? Oh yes- my therapist is going to analyze my sketchbook. That should be interesting. There are some pages that I really don't want him to see- not so much that the drawings on them are disturbing, but rather that they're really lewd and gross. Yeah, I could rip the pages out, but then I would be doing a disservice to myself.

Ok, I should stop typing now. This is getting too long- too many thoughts running through my mind, I guess.


I've been having technical difficulties, but all of the comics will be posted up in increments, so you have time to absorb each and every one.

The MoMA opening was fun- they're always fun (open bar and free snacky-poos), but the show "Comic Abstraction" was quite disappointing with the exception of maybe two pieces. One was a bunch of silver speech balloons that were bobbing around the ceiling. I thought it was great in the context of a busy museum opening. I was slightly inebriated and I remember saying quite loudly, "This piece is great! It's like WE'RE in a comic... and this room is a PANEL... in 3D!!!" In truth though, it was quite nice, having the silver balloons act as little mirrors- as if everyone in the room was talking about someone else in the room. The confusion of the colors reflected in the balloons also seemed to reflect the din of the gallery.

Well I'm going to lie down I think. I'm burning like a baby in a mini van right now- I don't know why my apartment decided to turn on the heat this morning.