January 2007



Thanks to the readers I got the chance to meet in person- all of you have been really cool.

I decided to start NYU therapy, and they have thankfully prescribed me a much stronger and effective sleeping pill. Because of it, I've been able to catch up on about 3 weeks of lost sleep, allowing me to be somewhat effective (for fellow Egyptologist nerds, I'm slowly becoming an "Akh" again). I did a good presentation last week for my seminar, and made minimal (and I mean minimal in every sense of the word) progress on my first MA thesis. If any of you pray, please pray that I continue to be effective at least through this weekend so that I can at least turn in a first draft by Tuesday. I'm agnostic myself, but at times like these I really really hope something or someone is looking after me- even if it's just my dearly departed rabbit, Nibbles.

Mornings are still depressing- as if a heavy weight is keeping me in bed so that I can drown in my own excrement (and I'm exaggerating here- I don't really piss myself in my sleep). Thankfully my gallery job forces me out of bed before I'm fully conscious every Wednesday and Thursday.

I guess during the day I'm "happy" enough though. I'm able to crack a joke here and there and laugh when someone says or does something amusing.

Anyway, I'll end my self-pity party here and will leave on a brighter note: I learned how to tie a tie, I found out that I look really cool in ties, and my boss is completely impresed with my fast and accurate typing (100 WPM, baby).


Happy 251st Birthday, Mozart. I was happy to see your birthplace this summer.

I got the motivation to do my laundry today. Great.


Two comics up tonight.

Thanks for the e-mails.

I don't feel like saying much today, but I promise a report later this week.


I don't know what to do with myself.


I can't believe it's already the middle of January and I haven't started working on my first MA thesis and that things look even greyer than the beginning of the year.

My job is fine. It pays well, but gallerists are sleazy and unethical.

I'm unbelievably unhappy.

These past few mornings have been a struggle to get out of bed.


Last night I slept fairly well. Thanks to whomever recommended that I drink a lot of booze before I sleep- I know that works, but it also makes me dehydrated in the morning. I also don't want to depend on it for sleeping. That would make me an alcoholic of sorts.

Instead I got some nifty sleeping pills at Duane Reade! I'm not planning on taking any tonight- only when I'm really desperate for some rest.

You know what I hate? Complacency and apathy. I also dislike it when people compromise themselves.

I also don't like it when people don't try things out of fear of failing. Unfortunately, I've been involved with a lot of people like this. Sometimes, it's ok to not try if you know, for a fact, that you're going to fail. At the risk of sounding completely off-color and rude: a legless dude probably shouldn't dream of playing in the World Cup. Unless maybe technology allows for him to run and kick balls and stuff... with prosthetic legs... and even then, I'm not sure what the World Cup's rule book would say about that. Porbably a more tasteful example: I'm not going to jump off the Empire State building expecting to fly.

Basically unless you think you are going to die or it's physically impossible to perform a task/act, then as Nike says, "just do it."

Otherwise, you'll never really know if you were right about failing, will you? Perhaps the odds seem unsurmountable, perhaps you just don't "have a good feeling about it"- well sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes you surprise yourself.

Don't cheat yourself. If you do, your life will be full of "what ifs." Take it from someone who's tried and succeeded as well as fell flat on her face numerous times. Failure sucks, for certain, but there's no reason to be afraid of it. Life goes on.

To lighten this up a bit, I just want everyone to know that I had a great hair day today.


This weekend I managed to keep myself busy. I saw one of my friends from college and his roommates, who were nice but it's really weird to be so into the arts and suddenly be thrust into a room full of suits (they work for investment and banking companies and hedge funds). It's also weird to be around so much wealth. My friends from grad school have books- these guys have flat screen plasma TVs. Large ones.

On Sunday I went out with my friend (who I went to Dallas BBQ with last week) and we were probably drunk the entire day. First we went to this bar across the street from my apartment at 11 am. He had a beer and two shots of whisky. I had a beer and a Sidecar Martini (Brandy and Triple Sec, a hint of lemon, and a sugar rim). After that we went to the Whitney and Frick museums where we admired art slightly drunk. Not recommended at all, but it the Lichensteins were looking pretty good. After that we went downtown to eat pizza and drink at two different bars on Ludlow (it was closed when we went, but I recommend going to The Living Room- it's a really laid back place to have drinks and meet hispters from Williamsburg). During that time I had a beer and a glass of wine and my friend had two beers and two shots of whisky.

For my underage readers, I must emphasize that drinking all day from 11 am to 9 pm is not cool at all.

Back to being a hypocrite. I had a pretty good time that day despite the general downswing I've been feeling lately.

I also got an offer to work part time at a gallery that deals with Contemporary Chinese art. I'm meeting with the owner today and hopefully things will work out. He is also friends with a big editor at King Features Syndicate and passed my comic along to him. Keep your fingers cross- maybe C'est la Vie will see print once again.

Thanks also for the kind e-mails recommending places to go around New York. I appreciate them and welcome more. They always make a bad morning into a good morning.

I found a coffee shop last night that I really like- it's called "Think" and it's on Mercer between 3rd and 4th Streets.

I've been suffering from terrible insomnia lately. Last night I didn't sleep a wink even though I played some ocean sounds on my computer. To make things worse some jerks decided it would be a great idea to fix the street with their jackhammers at 7:30 in the morning.

Any recommendations to deal with insomnia is also appreciated.


Last night I had a nightmare that my teeth were falling out. Blood was everywhere, and I kept crunching on one of my molars. The worst part about it is that my dentist kept talking about "what a hassle" it would be to replace my teeth and that I was wasting his time. "Double U Tee-Eff" man. "WTF"

I'm still taking recommendations for cool places to go to in the Big Apple. I would really like a nice, reasonably priced coffee shop with "regulars." When I was in L.A. for Christmas, I went to the Coffee Bean on Maxella and Glencoe everyday and met some really cool people. It was also a nice place to draw my comic.


So today I was really depressed and angry. One of my friends, who just moved into the city, called me up and said that he too was feeling the crushing pangs of depression. What did we do? We went to this restaurant called Dallas BBQ on University and 8th St. where they sell 20 oz frozen cocktails for 4 dollars.

Now let me be clear to the underage kids browsing this website. Drinking to assuage emotional pain is not the answer.

Back to being a hypocrite. My friend and I had about 2 of these drinks and stumbled out of the restaurant and came to the conclusion that we just needed to meet new people.

New Yorkers, this is where you come in.

I need to meet people. Good people. Smart people. Reliable people. People who are maybe a little pretentious, but not to the point where I'm embarrassed to be around them (I'm a little pretentious). I need wordly people, intellectual people, maybe creative people. I need educated people, and people who like to have fun.

My rant is getting too long, but rest assured, there's more to come.

Seriously though, e-mail me if you know of a good place to meet cool peeps. A coffee shop that has "regulars" would be nice.



After a long absence, I have returned to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope this year proves to be better than 2006, which quite frankly sucked a lot. It sucked so much that I'm going to ask all of you to please keep me in your thoughts when you're wishing whomever a good 2007.

Anyway, I will start this year with my best foot forward- starting with writing in this thing again.