July 2006



Happy belated 4th of July!

Today I'm flying to Europe. I'm going on the "Mozart trail," in honor of his 250th birthday. I start in Vienna, go through Salzburg, stop in Munich, and then finish off in Paris, where I will no doubt take many notes on Mona's birthplace.

Anyway, I really need to take this time to decompress from all sorts of emotions. There are many e-mails I haven't been able to get to before my departure, but I promise I will answer them as soon as I recover from jet lag. Even though I'm going on a brief break, there will be new material posted up- such as the one you see above.

All of these drawings are from the high school incarnation of this comic. You'll mostly see Donna because at the time she was the main character. Even though this is a break of sorts, these series of comics actually provide some background to the current storyline- so hopefully you can see these as more than fillers.

This particular drawing is what many call the "first Mona." I doodled her in Econ class- at the time I was trying to capture beatnik vibe. About 3 months later I created the Mona as we know her today.... more or less at least.

I'm pretty sure this page is not going to be updated while I'm gone. In the meantime, please visit the GoComics site to read the new comic (just click the button above that says "Read C'est la Vie at Ucomics.com" It should take you straight to the syndicate's site).

See you in two weeks!



Happy July!

The University of Michigan interview is podcast through itumes. If you go to the music store in itunes, go to the podcast section. They are under the name "living writers," artist: "WCBN staff."

If you want to get directly to it, the URL to enter in Itunes is