April 2006


Jesus, if I haven't been working I've been entertaining. If I haven't been entertaining, I've been cartooning.

There has not been a single quiet moment in my life except for the 5-6 hours of sleep I get each night.

I did my presentation last week in my Egyptology class, and my professor grilled me on everything- "Well, Jennifer- can you explain to me why the palanquin scene is on the East wall of this tomb but on the West wall of the other?" I wanted to be like "I don't effing know!! They just are! GAWD!" But of course I thought of something better to say than that, and for the most part I think I did a pretty good job during the Q & A session. Anyway, I would like to turn this paper into one of my MA theses, but my professor and I have to see how the rough draft turns out first.

Time is ticking by so fast and I can't believe my first year of grad school will be over so soon. I really have mixed feelings about this whole experience. Some days I feel very confident in my abilities, other times I feel like grad school has completely destroyed the tower of confidence that I had built for myself over the course of 4 years while at UCLA. There are days when I definitely hope a cab will just come out of nowhere and just completely run me down on Madison Ave while I'm on my way to school.

Either which way I'm still loving New York City life- the best part about living here is seeing yourself turn into a New Yorker. I know I'm going to kick some serious arse wherever I go.

Oh and I got a MySpace account. Come find me and add me as your friend. I'm just under "Jennifer Babcock."




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I think today may be the day I get over my jet lag. We'll see though.




Got back from Roma two days ago. I had a great time and learned a lot about modern Italian architecture, my professor, and my classmates. I'm sure all of the Roman residents were wondering why we were taking pictures of post offices, apartment buildings, and run down, abandoned schools.

I ate lots of gelato and did non- stop walking.

We had our free day on Tuesday, so I got to see more traditional things like Bernini and Borromini's churches. The highlight of the day though was seeing Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresa in the Santa Maria della Vittoria. Across the way from Bernini's sculpture was this great sculpture of some dead woman in a glass casket. She was lumped over to her side, and her throat was slit open with blood trickling down to her clothing. Her mouth was gaping and every single one of her crooked teeth was articulated, which heightened the sculpture's realism. Perhaps the creepiest part of the sculpture were her eyes, which were slightly open and rolled up inside her head.

Catholic art and iconography rocks.

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