March 2006


Tomorrow I have to fly to Rome, Italy for a field trip that my modern Italian architecture class organized. I will be gone until April 5, 2006, and will probably get back to my apartment around 7 or 8 pm EST. This doesn't mean that there will be no comics up next week, however. A friend of mine will be updating the site. If for whatever reason, my friend forgets to put it up or puts it up later than you would prefer, remember that you can always read CLV on Ucomics.

I'm assuming my hotel room won't have an internet connection so I don't anticipate being able to check any e-mails, post here, or talk on the forums the next week or so.

This Rome trip is really stressing me out. It's going to make doing my research paper a lot harder...

At least I didn't have to pay a single penny for the trip though!

Thank you, IFA.




Thank you to Fish Tank for sponsoring CLV last week!

I flew back to NY last night and am getting settled back into my groove.




I almost forgot- please make sure to stop by last week's sponsor, Front Beat. It was on hiatus for a while (I think), but is now on page 60!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has been advertising on CLV! (And if you haven't yet taken the opportunity to advertise here... think about it. You get a lot for your money).




A year ago today my bunny Nibbles hopped off to "Bunny Heaven." There hasn't yet been a day when I haven't thought about her. I'm glad to be in L.A. where I can visit her on this day.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Nibbles. At the time she was startled by a sudden rustling noise, which is why her eye is so big:

This past year I've been volunteering whenever I can wtih the Bunny Bunch to take care of rabbits that need love and attention. If you love bunnies too, please consider sending a donation to them. They often need financial help to spay/neuter and provide medical care to hundreds of rabbits in Los Angeles County. Or, go to the House Rabbit Society to see what rabbit rescue groups are near you if you prefer to help the lagomorphs in your area.




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I fixed yesterday's grammatical error- someday I'll get used to French. I honsetly don't know why my German is so much better... I think it was all those German handouts I had to do on grammar and whatnot.

Things are still stressful here. Except for Sunday's Comic Con I don't really have much time off.

Speaking of the comic con... it was a lot of fun. I'm glad I went on Sunday because I heard on Saturday it was a complete mess. Basically, they had oversold their tickets and they got about a few thousand more people than they were expecting. They had to turn away pre-reg people AND exhibitors. Pretty messed up. Anyway, I met quite a few people on Sunday and here's hoping I didn't come off as completely socially awkward.

Oh, and it's snowing today!