February 2006


Today I'm taking a break from my studies to go to the NYC Comic Con! I don't have a table or anything, but I'll be walking around and checking out the booths of course. If you're going today, then maybe you'll see me.




Sorry I haven't been responsive with my e-mail. I've been having a hard week in terms of school work.

Anyway, I wanted everyone to take the time to visit CLV's current sponsor Agent Aeolus. It's a web serial, so probably something different from what you're used to if all you read are web comics. I urge you all to check it out.

This weekend is the NYC Comic Con. Hopefully I won't feel too guilty if I stop studying for a little bit and go.




Happy V- day or whatever.

Thanks to everyone who has been voting for my comic! I really appreciate how high CLV is on the list this month.

NY was hit w/ a pretty big blizzard and there was tons of snow on Sunday. Naturally, I was quite thrilled and went sledding before I hit the books at the library. If I have some time this week, I'll throw some pictures up- the city was really pretty with all the snow... also refreshingly quiet.




Remember to vote for C'est la Vie everyday! The comic started off at number 35 but has since then slipped to 39- let's keep voting so that C'est la Vie can surface to the top!

Life here is pretty hectic. I'm working on a presentation for my Egyptology seminar and I'm writing an abstract for a symposium that's going on in Washington D.C. around October or so. The symposium is about comic art! It'd be awesome if I could talk there... let's just hope I don't flake out about writing the abstract.




It's a new month, so please remember to vote!

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