November 2005


Sorry I've been gone for so long. I had a big paper due the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and after that I had to rush to JFK to fly back to L.A.

(BTW, to my American readers- Happy belated Thanksgiving).

It was nice to be back home. The day I left NY it was 28 degrees, so I was happy to return to 70 degree weather in good ol' Southern California. All the people at school that teased me about not having a "real Christmas in L.A." certainly had their foot in their mouth when I told them how nice the weather was going to be when I got home. They were green with envy.

Anyway, I'm back in New York now and the weather here is actually not that bad right now (59 degrees).

They're lighting the tree in Rock Center tonight- will I go?

We will see.




Happy Veteran's Day.

Happy Armistice Day.




So I just read this morning that there are riots in Paris, and I hope my readers and their families there are safe. I know how frightening it can be.

When we had the L.A. riots I was only 10 years old, and even though I lived in West LA and all the violence was happening primarily in South Central, I was still scared to death. The National Guard was everywhere (even the supermarket), and I never wanted to leave the house.




Hey everyone- it's a new month so don't forget to vote for CLV everyday on top webcomics! Thanks!

Also, I'll bug my roommate today about uploading her halloween pics so I can shoiw you my Bjork costume. I've been leaving her alone about it b/c she has a big presentation today on some Ancient Roman archaeological site. Good luck, roommate!

BTW, last night I went to a Sotheby's auction last night and I saw someone buy a Picasso for 12.5 million dollars. Isn't that crazy? I wish some of those rich people would buy me a house or something.