October 2005


Happy Halloween!

I mentioned this in the forum, but I'll say it again here just in case:

Many people believe I bear a strong resemblance to the Icelandic singer, and friends have been bugging me since my 1st year of college to be Bjork for Halloween. Unforutnately, I could never figure out how to do the swan dress until this year- and when I did it, the results were awesome (or at least better than I thought they'd be).

I went to a Halloween party at my school on Friday where there was a costume contest. I dressed up like Bjork and everyone was thoroughly impressed and amazed. I ended up snagging second place in the costume contest, winning a 30 dollar gift card to Starbucks. Even though I don't care for their coffee, I do like their pastries, frozen drinks and flavored lattes (and I love studying/working in that type of atmosphere as well) so this was actually a good prize for me.

First prize went to a team of two guys who dressed up as the Virgin Mary and Christ Child:Quattrocento style. My roommate thinks that the only reason why they won was b/c Mary was a guy in drag w/ a rubber nipple glued on to his chest and b/c when they announced their costume, Christ Child, a grown man, was carried around by Mary like a baby. Since the school is rather conservative she thinks it won due to shock value (for some reason a guy dressed in drag is too amazing for words to these people). In the end though they had to split their winnings 50/50, which means I got the most cash value out of my prize.

Anyway- have a safe and fun Halloween everyone...

and if you dont' celebrate it- then have a good day, nonetheless.




New news!

I'm now part of a sketch blog. Basically there are four artists (there will probably be more in the future) that just put up their sketches/finished works and talk about them.

The artwork that I put up will mostly be non- CLV stuff and will be different from the artwork that is currently in the Extras section. There's some artwork that I have been hesitant to put up in the Extras section for the sake of keeping the site work and children safe. However, the sketch blog may contain work w/ nudity and perhaps violence- I can't speak for the other artists, but I know that some of my sketches will have tasteful nudes and pin up girls.

The sketchblog is called GigJig, is a part of Nightgig, and you can find it here.




Woo- snazzy new avatar.

Anyway, I was interviewed by Nightgig, which I would describe as an artist's haven of sorts. It hosts a collection of web comics, portfolios, etc. You can download the podcast, which runs over an hour, (there's other stuff there besides my interview) here.

This is my first podcast so I was pretty nervous, which is terrible b/c I'm terrified of the whole interview process to bgin with. I try to involve myself w/ as much of these speeches/interviews as I can though to battle this fear.

I'm listening to it now. God, does my voice really sound like that? Sorry if I sound like an idiot.

Oh yeah, I laugh like a moron when I'm nervous.

Sorry about that too.




I'm all antsy b/c I haven't received any assignments at school yet. It makes me feel a little bit idle, even though I am doing all of the weekly readings (which consists of full books). I know next sememster will be different though as I will be taking a seminar which requires presentations. There is also a chance that I will have to take hieroglyphics in the spring as well.

My advisor at school is really nice. He bumped into me at the copy machine yesterday and told me that he and another student were going out to lunch and that he would love if I came too.

I feel very lucky b/c it is very unusual for a professor to take the time to meet with you outside of school for social reasons- ESPECIALLY if you're only an MA candidate. There are professors who wouldn't even do that for students working on their dissertations.

I'm glad my advisor isn't a pompous jerk.

Hope you enjoy the comics- I noticed a bump in the number of daily visitors. Welcome! Remember to visit my ucomics site daily (the more people I send there, the more likely it is they'll offer me a print contract) and to vote for my comic on top webcomic list everyday if possible.





Last night I saw Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit which was excellent. I'd say I enjoyed it more overall than Corpse Bride. It's a definite must see if you're a fan of British humor or the series (my favorite is "The Wrong Trousers")

Yesterday it rained here the entire day. If this was happening in Southern California, houses would be sliding off the coast and people would be dying. It was kind of cool to see this amount of rainfall w/o any death or major injury.




Last Saturday I had a rather embarrassing accident.

If you know me on a personal level, then you know I'm one of the klutziest people you'll ever meet. Well last week I had one of my moments.

Here's the story, morning glory:

So last week I took the subway down to Union Square to find some boots because it's getting cold and other than sandals and some tennis shoes, I don't really have anything nice to wear for cooler weather. I was pretty excited to find some nice black calf length boots, so I was even more enthusiastic to show my roommates the spoils of the day.

My roommates and I live in this really nice apartment w/ an iron spiral staircase (the really steep, almost vertical kind). When they came home, I decided to come downstairs to show them my new boots. The box w/ my boots is very large and cumbersome, which hindered my already awkward walking abilities. As a result, I slipped on the 3rd or 4th step and I FELL down the entire staircase. When I finally stopped, I couldn't even talk b/c the fall had completely blew the wind out of me. My roommates told me it was like watching someone jump from a plane- it was an almost completely vertical plummet.

It was rather painful. I had many abrasions on my back, and I couldn't bend over that day at all. There's a humongous bruise on my butt, which I really wish I could photograph to show my friends and family, but that would probably be crossing the lines of decency.

Today I bought a second pair of boots that are appropriate for walking in snowy/icy weather as well as a cool burgundy/fake fur jacket thing. I got the jacket from H & M, which is now my favorite store. I really wish they would go to the west coast.

Anyway- thankfully my friends were with me when I bought my snow boots, so I didn't have to fall down the staircase to show them.

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