August 2005


Only two more full days in Los Angeles before I move to New York for grad school. The butterflies are at maximum fluttering and everyday I wake up feeling much discomfort.

Things I will miss about L.A.:

- Ocean breezes

-The view of the Pacific

-The palm trees that line my street

-The laid-backness

- Tito's Tacos on Washington Pl. and Sepulveda

- GOOD Mexican food

- Wearing flip flops everyday, even when it's raining

- Volunteering at the animal shelter to help out abandoned or lost rabbits

- The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

- Friends and family

New York is only temporary, though. I'm not sure if I want to go for my PhD, which means if I only go for my MA, I'll be there 2 years tops. Plus I plan on coming home for major holidays and school breaks.

So have no fear, friends and family in L.A.- I will visit often and keep in touch.

(Please send postcards and pictures).




Wow, things are hectic.

First of all, I just want to say that when I was growing up, I was a huge fan of Sierra adventure games. In particular, I liked Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra, Conquests of the Longbow, the Space Quest series, the King's Quest series, Quest for Glory, and Gabriel Knight. I have numerous other games, and I think I'm going to start collecting vintage Sierra.

Anyway, I lent my friend this one game called "The Roberta Williams Anthology" about 5 years ago. I didn't get it until this week. Not having this game really bothered me. Sometimes I wouldn't think about it for months, but when it would creep into my mind, the game would haunt me. I would be mad that my friend hadn't returned it, and it would keep me up all night. Everytime I met w/ my friend to get it back, she said she forgot it (I was begining to think she really lost it/damaged it). One time she suggested I just download it- I'm sorry, but no. I paid 50 for when that game came out, and I wasn't about to go bootleg it like someone who never paid money for it. If anyone should be doing the bootlegging, it should be her. Anyway, one day I asked her about it and she told me she lent it to her friend- a friend I didn't even know. I was like, "Double U Tee Eff, mate?" I was a little ticked that she went off lending something that didn't belong to her to someone I didn't even know. Anyway, that was about 2 years ago I think.

Later, I saw the Roberta Williams game go up on Ebay for $400!. Right now, I'm seeing it sell from anywhere between 100- 400 bucks. Here's one on ebay that's going for 175 bucks and another one going for 75 (w/ 1 more full day left to go). This just got me even more ticked, and it is what possibly what lighted the fire to my aggression, which is typically passive aggressive.

Anyway, so I met up with my friend on Monday to get the game back. I didn't tell her how much the game was worth now, b/c 1) it's not an issue- it's my game anyway, and 2) I didn't want it going up on ebay later. Well, much like the last times I had met w/ her to get the game- she didn't have it b/c her friend flaked out on her. We had lunch, and I politely asked for her friend's phone number so I could call him "just in case [my friend] couldn't get to him."

I had a suspicion that she wouldn't find time to call her friend or to go out to see him, so I gave him a call the next day. I agreed to meet him on Wednesday morning at his place in Tarzana (about 20 miles from my house) to get the game back.

So I get to his apt and ring the call box. No answer. I panic. I call his cell phone. No answer. I start to get pissed/panicky. I call my friend who lent him the game in the first place. No answer. Now I'm about to cry, b/c I'm moving to New York next week and I wanted to get this game before I left- somehow I knew if I didn't do it now, I'd never see it again. At this point, my mom, who was with me during this ordeal, told me to just kiss the game goodbye. Luckily this women who was going into her apartment let me in. I looked up his name on the mailboxes to find his unit number, and then proceeded to his door.

I swear I was knocking and ringing the doorbell for like 3 minutes before he finally came to answer the door. I'm not sure if he was trying to avoid me, or if he just didn't hear my phone calls/ doorbell ringing b/c he was stoned or something. Either way, I got my game back. As I was checking the CDs, he said to me "Thanks for lending me your game." I just shook my head and mumbled "Well I didn't exactly lend it to you." My mom, who was behind me, didn't hear what I had said and blurted out rather loudly, "Well she didn't lend it to you. [Name deleted] shouldn't have lent it to you in the first place! It wasn't her game!" A little embarrassed, and having seen that all of the CDs were remarkably in good condition, we left.

So now after 5 years, I am reunited with my game. I'm at peace and am happily going through all of the things that are on every CD.

If anyone was a fan of these vintage Sierra games- let me know!




There's an awesome new fan art of Pierre by Sage Chan posted in the "Extras" section. Go check it out!




Early update today b/c I won't have the chance to upload anything tomorrow morning. Why, you ask? B/c I'm going to Disneyland! Yay!

I love Disneyland- it's full of great memories. My dad and I had annual passes for a while, and one time we went like 26 times in a year. We know that park like the back of our hands.

I usually go every year, but I didn't get to go at all in 2004. B/c there's been a two year gap, I'm eager and excited to go.

Disneyland factoids:

- Space Mountain only goes 35 mph.

- The Monorail is the fastest ride at the park.

- There is only one place where you can purchase alcohol in the park- Club 33, located in New Orleans Square. Not just anyone can get in though. You have to be a member. Right now there are about 400 members, and a 2-3 year waiting list to gain membership.

- Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.




Thanks, everyone who has been voting for C'est la Vie! I think we're in the 30s now.

Buzzcomix also recently got started up again, so I will be sure to put a link up to their lists too since they get a lot of traffic.I may just keep the other list up for voting as well, since it would only take one more second's effort to vote on both.

Thanks, also for all the e-mails I've been getting. As you can probably tell, I'm very busy right now with a major transition in my life, so I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you yet!

Oh, and I finally got my first paycheck from Uclick! It was not for very much, which is what I expected, but it's a start. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about how much I get paid, but I think it would be safe to tell you this: I could buy about 2 matinee movie tickets with change to spare with the check I got.

Anyway, so please support CLV by visitng the Ucomics site once in a while, by voting for the comic and thus drawing new readers, and telling your friends and family about the comic.





New month so please remember to vote! Last I checked CLV was ranked somewhere in the mid 40s.

Well I went to NY last week to secure an apartment, and luckily I was able to find one not far from school in Manhattan. I love New York and all but I have two complaints: jesus, it gets humid in the summer! and god, it's practically impossible to rent an apartment there. In California all you need is a credit card and your driver's license to rent a place. In New York, it's like buying a house, practically.

Anyway, I have more rants about this NY-LA thing- and complaints from both sides of the coast, but first I want to rant about a friend of mine.

This friend of mine is like talking to some primitive AI. It's like when someone talks to her she calls up a list of responses to give. Sometimes the responses make sense, albeit a little uncreative... other times it makes no sense at all. Then there are those times when the responses she gives comes off as rude or curt, but I don't even think she realizes it b/c she's some sort of robogirl. The challenge, or primary goal of mine whenever talking to robogirl, is to illicit some sort of response with her. It's almost impossible to do. A typical conversation with this AI of mine goes something like this:

Me: "Hey, how are you?"

RG: "I'm fine."

Me: "Cool... What'd you do today?"

RG: "Nothing."

Me: " Well, I saw a an accident over on Wilshire. This girl got out of her car and started cussing out this beefy man, who started to get riled up. Right when he was about to tear her in half, a caped man in a sombrero jumps from atop a building and saves the day."

Now, RG will give me either of two responses:

RG: "Woooow" (In the most unauthentic, forced wow I've ever heard.)


RG: "That's interesting."

And then RG will proceed to do whatever she's doing.

Anyway, RG is the least of my worries. I'm still suffering from a bit of jet lag, I have to study for my French and German examinations for grad school, and I have to go to a wedding on Saturday, which is going to tire me out because I have to drive ALL the way down to Anaheim and then ALL the way back up to Sherman Oaks for the second wedding/reception. I'm sure the event(s) will be lovely though.