July 2005


A few changes in the past few days... first off, I put up a link to a new top 100 list. Buzzcomix is slowly building itself up again, so I thought I'd try out this list in the meantime. Please take a second to vote for CLV so that it is pushed to the top 100, and eventually (hopefully) the top 10. The higher up the list CLV is, the more people hear about it, which means that more people will start reading it (which will mean more people visitng ucomics.com, which will in turn help toward my dream of print syndication).

Moreover, there is a new wallpaper that you can get if you donate 5 bucks or more. The wallpaper comes in the
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To my readers in France: Happy Bastille Day!

For people who don't know what this is, Bastille Day is somewhat like 4th of July in America. It commemorates the end of the French Monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic. On July 14, 1789, the French people stormed the Bastille, a prison, and a symbol of the absolute and arbitrary power of Louis the XVI. By taking over the Bastille, the people declared that the king's power was no longer absolute.

When I made my brief trip to Europe in 1998, I was in Nice on Bastille Day. Unfortunately my group and I were levaing to go to Italy that morning, so I didn't get to experience the day.

BTW, you probably noticed the new link below the comic- it's to my ucomics page. The more people theat read the comic on Ucomics, the more UPS/Ucomics realizes how much my comic is in demand. If there is enough a demand, then they will be more likely to offer me print syndication, rather than just online syndication, which is what I have now. So if you'd like to see CLV in your paper, please click on that link once in a while- or better yet- write to the comics editor of your newspaper and tell them you'd like to see CLV in their paper.




A couple of you wrote to me to correct me in regards to my knowledge of the history of the metric system. It turns out that we (Americans) adopted our system of measurement from Britain, who didn't start using the metric system until the 1970s. Thanks for clearing that up with me!

On a more somber note, I'd like to recognize the terrorist attacks that took place in London yesterday. It is certainly a tragedy, and I hope that my British readers- or anyone visiting Britain now- are safe.




To my American readers: Happy 4th of July! Don't go blowin' yourselves up or burning any houses down.

While it's good that we're our own country, there are a couple of things I wish we kept from the British: the metric system and their accent. I also wish the British Museum was in the States- and more specifically, Los Angeles.




Something went awry today, which prevented the comic from going up earlier. Things are fixed now and to make it up to you, I'll post tomorrow's comic early today.

Many apologies.