June 2005


Early update today b/c I'm being sent to court for jury duty at 8 am. In the words of Darth Vader, "NOOOOOOO!"




Ok, I fixed the aim icons in the "Extras" Section. They're the correct size now. I'm using "Bat Ham!" because I'm a dork.

I've also finally moved out of my apartment and now all I have to do is go through the painful task of unpacking it all. It's a painful sight at my house. My things are strewn around in my room, and in the hallway outside my room in random boxes.

Thankfully, I've also not been called into jury duty yet. (Knocks on wood).

Oh btw, a while ago, on my birthday, I was talking about how I've noticed my conversations with my friend Aimee have matured. Well, a couple weeks afterwards she mentioned what I had said here during lunch (I was surprised to hear that she actually reads these things). She was like (jokingly), "Hey thanks a lot for saying that we talk about cleaning toilet bowls!" I said, "Don't worry, I'll mention that we talk about young people things too." It's true folks... sometimes we talk about makeup.

Metallic eye shadows are all the rage this summer.




I've added a few things to the "Extras" Section- there's more fan art/guest strips as well as 4 new AIM icons you can dowload. I'll probably add a few more icons when I find the time to make them.Additionally, I've added about 3 more links to my "Links" Section.




Batman Begins, by the way, is the best Batman so far. Go see it.




A long time since I've posted news...

I've been really busy finishing up my French and German, moving out of my apartment (and back into my parents's place), and finding an apartment in the Big Apple. Yes, for those of you who don't know- I'm moving to New York City in August so I can pursue an M.A. at NYU. I''ve gotten mixed reactions about this. Some people are excited and jealous that I get to live in "the greatest city on earth." Others, who hate New York, are wondering why I would want to subject myself to such torture. Well, I for one am excited to live there. I think New York is a fantastic city, and I can't wait to work at the Met. People in L.A. think New Yorkers are a bunch of elitist jerks, much like how people in New York think that L.A. folks are superficial, shallow bimbos. Well, they're both right. But I've seen enough good New Yorkers and Los Angelinos to know that both cities have nice people.

I'm really scared to move so far away though. New York is definitely much different from L.A, and I don't even know how to dress myself for when it snows. I don't even know what kind of shoes to wear. I wear sandals everyday (even when it rains). But most of all, I'm going to miss my family and friends.

Anyway, so I'm doing my best to keep things running on this site while I'm doing all this. So I must ask again that everyone please bear with me.

BTW, the picture below was drawn by a friend of mine who helps me run this site. We call these news posts of mine "hams" b/c he says I'm such a ham about talking about my life and my comic (it's true). The reason why Nibbles is there next to the ham is because I called her "my fresh ham." Don't ask.