April 2005


I threw this together in 30 min, thinking it'd be a nice break from the old Daily Bruin comics. I also wanted to advertise the fact that I am caring for two bunnies that need a home. So if anyone needs a couple of rabbits in their life, go ahead and send me an e-mail.

Anyway, I still have the ok to run my new comics on Monday- so that's something to look forward to!




"Violet and Serenity" was a comic book I drew last year for a friend. This is just a sketch, but the entire comic (around 24 pages I think) was done in ink wash. It also rhymed in couplets. The story was about Violet, a lonely girl who just started college. To ease her loneliness she decides to buy a pet rabbit, which she names Serenity because of her calm demeanor. However, she soon learns that her rabbit likes to eat people.

The end.





Ok, nevermind- new cartoons are going to be up on May 2nd. Many apologies- I feel really badly about this, and I wish things were more clearly related to me so that I could've started this break from the current storyline last week instead of two weeks ago. On the good side, I've had time to build a decent reserve or cartoons, though I'd like it to be bigger. Maybe I'll have lots of free time this week. Until then, please enjoy these old strips, or any artwork I might put up.

Buzzcomix is having a problem w/ my account for some reason. Some days the vote banner will be up- other days it won't show up at all. I'm not sure why they're having this problem, but it's yet another annoyance in my life right now. Because of whatever problem they're having, I've dropped about 6 slots from the rankings. "C'est la vie" I guess.

Finally, I don't want people to think I'm crazy! I did not pose as my dearly departed bunny 3 days ago(a friend helps me out w/ the site). It was a nice surprise though- as odd as that may sound to some.




Hey Mawm!

This is Nibbles reportin' from beyond the graaaaaaaaave! Maybe i'd bettah explain this won! Last year, due to great negligence, employees at the UCLA medical center were chopping up organs from deyad people and sellin' them! So, UCLA got a slayap on dah wrist and wasted lots of tuition and donation money to shut people up about it, but not before it got to the neeeews!



A couple years ago a sex shop opened up in Westwood Village, which is UCLA's college town. There was lots of controversy about it b/c it was so close to residential areas and people thought it was inappropriate. It used to be called "Zone d'Erotica" but was forced to change it's name to "Zone d'Amour." Finally, it was forced to close a year later. I hear that lots of professors used to shop there.

Anyway, I'm told that I'll be able to start putting up new cartoons on the 25th. Let's hope that will be the case, b/c I really hate putting up my Daily Bruin comics.




Today's comic is by a web comic friend of mine, David Davies. David has a great comic called Warped on Drunk Duck. It's on hiatus right now, but it due to come back in a month or so. You can also view his portfolio here. I highly suggest checking is work out- he's a rather talented colorist and has a good sense of how to write a good story with interesting characters.

David actually meant to send this to me earlier when I was asking for guest strips a couple weeks ago, but wasn't able to due to time constraints. Nonetheless, I'm pleased to post his comic now.




There is a new vote incentive up. For a limited time you can view the second photo from Mona and Pierre's trip to NYC if you vote for CLV on Buzzcomix!

Let's keep pushing to the top 10!




This week I'm going to have to run old Daily Bruin strips (nothing you haven't seen before- unless you went to UCLA and read the paper during the Summer 2001- Spring 2004), old CLV sketches, random art, etc. There's a good reason I have to do this though.

I need to build up a reserve of comics. Normally, I wouldn't mind just doing these comics on the fly and then gradually build my reserve up. However, in this case, I really have to make sure that I'm at least 2-4 weeks ahead schedule. Why do I care now I ask? Well, it has to do with that secret thing I'm not allowed to tell anyone.

Anyway this week is my spring break, so I'm hoping that I can get enough done in these 7 days that I have. I'm making sure I'm getting all of my school work/ work work done so that I can dedicate the rest of my break toward this.

I'll try to give you guys a lot of extras this week as well (maybe even a new vote incentive) to make up for me not being able to continue the current story line this week.




There is a new artwork up in the EXTRAS section as well as a section there reserved for fan art- I have about 7 up there as we speak. If you'd like to send CLV some art, feel free to do so!