February 2005


Well I ordered my new WACOM from Best Buy's website. I should get it by next Thursdsay or something (hopefully sooner since inking on cheap paper is pretty hard). Every store I called seemed to be out of stock, so I'm glad I found the one I ordered.

I also had to talk to a lot of stupid people in my quest to find my WACOM. One conversation struck me as particularly stupid. I had called Fry's Electronics and asked if they had any WACOM Graphire3s in stock. The woman on the other line thought I was asking about dryers (??) at first, so I said "No no, I'm looking for a tablet- a drawing tablet..." "Um... we don't have anything like that here." "No you do. I bought one from your store back in July, and now I need a new one. It's by WACOM, it's 6x8 and it has a USB port." Silence. "I'm pretty sure we don't carry anything like that." I decided to just let it go, so I hung up and tried other places. It really annoyed me though. I know for a fact that Fry's has 4x5 WACOMS in stock. How can you not know what products are in your own department?

I feel quite sheepish today, because I realized I accidently erased my donation button. But thanks to the help of my friend, it's back up where it belongs.




Well as some of you know, I bought a Wacom Tablet back in July, which has made my cartooning life much easier. It gives my comics the sleek, smooth look that I like and I have been extremely happy with it.

Unfortunately it broke this week. This makes me sad for three reasons: 1) I loved my Wacom 2)My warranty doesn't cover the broken wires in my Wacom, and 3) Now I have to spend $200 on a new one. C'est la vie, I guess.

This doesn't mean I'm going on break though. All it means is that you might see some consistency issues in the artwork later on this week.

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone, and thanks for the e-mails! I really like hearing from you guys.




Nothing tastes better than marked down Valentine's Day chocolate.

Anyway, I don't know why I didn't do this to begin with, but now my contact information is availabe on the main page of this site- right below the comic. Someone suggested I do this and I started wondering why I didn't have a way for people to e-mail me. So now you can. Feel free to send me critiques, comments, questions, etc.





Happy corporate love day. Remember- love your partner/spouse/pet not just today, but every day of the year.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention to everyone that if you donate 5 dollars or more to "C'est la Vie" (see link to the right) you can get a Pierre wallpaper as a bonus! I've already been giving this away as an extra to people who have donated, but I figured I might as well as publically announce what I'm doing.

I'm still in the middle of compiling that C'est la Vie: Year One book (sorry it's taking so long!). However, I think I may have to divide the book into two or more volumes. The reason for this is because I have to print the book in color, which costs about 17 cents a page, and if I tried putting all 365 cartoons in one book... well it's going to be too expensive for anyone to want it. It will end up cheaper for everyone if I just divided it up. Before I finalize on this decision, I'm going to double check with my math buddies that my calculations are correct (It's embarrassing how weak I am in that subject). Anyway, I decided to go with Lulu as a publisher, but let me know if you have any last minute recommendations for other sources of good webcomic publishing: jen_babcock(at)hotmail.com




Today's comic employs a bit of poo humor, but I thought it best expressed the anger that Lucas has for the alarm clock that won't let him have his dreams. I was seriously debating whether or not to use this punchline but was urged by a friend to just go for it. So I did and I have no regrets.

Anyway, today I officially started my new hosting package, which means that I won't have to worry about the bandwidth issues I was having. Bad news is that this costs more (obviously) but the good news is is that this means people are coming to read "C'est la Vie!" So thanks to everyone for their support and for telling people about this site!

Mini rant for the day: Today I had to wait 40 minutes for the bus to get to the high school for which I work, and then 50 minutes for the bus to take me back home. In the rain. Without an umbrella. So for those who weren't sure if people were just exaggerating about how bad L.A.public transportation is- well now you know.

To be fair though, the Santa Monica blue line busses aren't so bad, but they usually only come every 10-15 minutes (unless its rush hour- then they come every 5-10).




Things are still looking good over at buzzcomix- we're looming around the high 60s low 50s (sounds like a weather report), which is about a 30 slot improvement. Thanks everyone!

Anyway, here's some comics news: Cathy got married on Saturday, which is of course a big step since she's been single for a few decades now. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the strip might change now that she's not fretting about not being married. Will the shoe/bathing suit jokes continue? Probably. I'm guessing that a bathing suit joke will pop up sometime during the honeymoon (since her new husband Irving provided for an island getaway). Anyway, many of you probably think I hate Cathy. I don't really. I just find it repetitive. This marriage thing was in a way refreshing since it was something a little different.

Suzie View, which was on ComicsSherpa with me a while back is probably going to be ending soon. The writer/artist duo, Tauhid and Erik, signed an online contract with United, but have decided that their energy is best spent on something else. Their comic will be missed by many and I hope for the best for them.

Also, here are some comics you should check out: Dog Complex (coming back on March 1st!), Slacks, and Wapsi Square (who recently came out with a book! Yeah!).

I also have a French final on Thursday- blech.




Thanks to everyone voting on Buzzcomix- C'est la Vie jumped about 6 more slots near the end of the month, and we're starting off pretty well this month- an improvement over January's beginning.

I'm getting a lot more traffic now too! In fact, my bandwith is going to exceed its limit soon, which means I"m probably going to have to upgrade to the "premium account" on speakeasy.net (my host). That's about a $15 increase per month. So yeah... donations are especially appreciated right now.

Finished up some new "C'est la Vie" ads this week, so I"m happy about that. Perhaps I'll move on to making buddy icons and avaters, which has been suggested to me by some people.

'Till later.