January 2005


Ok. A couple new things are up. First of all Pierre has been added to the "Characters" section, so you can go check that out if you want. Secondly, a brand new wallpaper is now available in the "Extras" section and is available in not three, but four sizes!

Lastly there's now a PayPal donation link, which is to the right of this newsbox (if you hadn't already noticed). All donations will go toward maintaining the site, paying for advertisements, etc. Please support the site and the comic if you can- any amount helps.

Still working on some more things for the comic, but I'm happy I got these three things done. Here's to a productive weekend... (I hope).




Happy Birthday Mozart! I will commemorate the anniversary of your birth by eating a crepe from the local Farmer's Market. BTW, next year most of Europe (particularly Austria, obviously) will be celebrating Mozar'ts birthday as he will be turning 250 years old then. During the summer they'll be playing a bunch of his operas (18 or more I think) in Salzburg, and on his birthday I hear they're going to do some DNA tests to see if the skull that his gravedigger kept is actually his.

I've been really busy this week again, as I've had a lot of things to do with my job, but I've also been working for some things here. I know I said it last week, but I'm pretty sure I'll have at least something new on the site over the weekend- be it a new graphic, a new character profile, or maybe a new wallpaper.

Kepping my fingers crossed...




I've been busy doing things for this comic, such as making ad banners, designing stuff, putting more submission packets together, compiling things... anyway it's just been a lot of work and I'm getting frustrated.

I hope I can have something to show for all this effort over the weekend. Must punch something!

But I added a drawing at least in the "Extras" section if you didn't already find it. I call her "Fifi Francais" because I drew her in French class. Usually I like my sketches a whole lot more when I don't color them, but I really like the way this one turned out.




Today I read this blog, whose focus of the day was on the comic strip "Cathy." Basically, the guy was complaining about how women always whine about how "Cathy" is a backwards portrayal of women even though EVERY women has a little bit of Cathy in them. He then implied that women don't have a right to gripe about it.

I admit that I every once in a while I catch myself nodding in agreement to some "Cathy" strips, and I do think that a good number of women may have some element of Cathy in her. But I think it's completely unfair to say that EVERY women can identify with her.

But that's besides the point. Even if every women shared a little something in common with Cathy, it doesn't mean that she has to like the strip. Maybe she's tired of hearing Cathy talk about the evils of bathing suit shopping after the holidays.

Just because you like kicking dogs and eating lasagna doesn't mean you don't have the right to complain about Garfield.





There are now two wallpapers up in the "Extras" Section! I hope everyone enjoys them. I'm sure there will be more to come later!

This week will hopefully be dedicated more or less to this site and my cartoon. I guess it depends on whether or not everything else going on over here pans out as it should.

Have a good Sunday!




Hey everyone- sorry for the lack of news updates- I've been very busy fixing things around the website, making new banners, and fnishing off my law school applications.

Anyway, you've probably noticed two new sections to the site: Extras and Links. The Links page is currently up and running. You can view a handful of webcomic sites that I visit as well as download any of my banners in case you want to link to "C'est la Vie." Extras is empty right now, but will soon be filled with free goodies such as wallpapers and a sketch dump.

Things are getting less hectic here at least. Hopefully all my applications will be done and sent in the mail by tomorrow (that will make my family happy), and I can go on to my French homework and doing stuff for my cartoon. In a few weeks I'm actually going to shell out my own cash to buy advertisement slots. Hopefully that will bring in some new readers!

That's it for now- don't forget to vote on buzzcomix!




Oh my god it's 2005! Happy new year's!