November 2004


This week is going to be insanely busy for me. I have to make sure that all my grad school applications are sent out, and then I have to start writing my law school personal statement. This is also the last week that I can study for the LSAT, so I'm very worried indeed. I doubt I'll make my target score, which I'll admit was shooting for the moon, but I"ll do my best... If only I had a few more months to prepare. Why did I decide to do this so late in the year?

On top of all that I have to prepare my German oral report on Mozart, which is going to take some work. I'm a little worried because half my class are native speakers, and I've only been learning German since late June.

Anyway, there was no real point in this post except for me to spew out my worries. Wish me good luck everyone- I'm going to need it!





Sorry for the delay in this update! The holiday weekend has made it slightly more difficult for me to update on time.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Mine was full of fresh hayam and canned cranberries.




Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks for voting on BuzzComix- C'est la Vie is now ranked at 130!



Last I checked "C'est la Vie" was ranked number 140 on the BuzzComix list! Thanks guys! Let's keep pushing to the top 10! Just remember to vote everyday!

If you haven't done so, swing by the forum and partake in the fun and excitement.

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving. This four day weekend is going to save me.



Hey everyone- sorry today's cartoon is up a little late. I hope the people on sherpa don't mind that the word "ass" is in today's cartoon. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

This particular cartoon got me the most heat from the sororities. They actually printed their letter of concern in the Letters to the Editor section. (Having a letter printed about my cartoon was a goal of mine so I was pretty thrilled). They kept calling me "Babs" and insisting that sorority girls were physically healthy girls with reasonable diets.

Let me get this straight: I know that a good number of sorority girls, dare I say the majoirty, are not calorie counting psychos. One of my best friends, who went to Berkeley, was in a sorority. She's a very bright girl, and eats and exercises like a normal person. (Moreover, a lot of the sorority girls at UCLA aren't always sticks. In fact, a good number of them are pleasently plump.)

Long story short: Lots of girls thought I was saying sorority girls were anorexic in this cartoon. One girl wrote "How dare you perpetuate the stereotype of sorority girls having eating disorders!" I wrote back "If you read my cartoon carefully, you'll notice that I say 'CONTRARY to the image of the stereotypical anorexic sorority girl...' I did however, imply that sorority girls would never get over the stereotype of being stupid."

Ahh that was the most clever response to a hate mail I've ever written during my time at UCLA.

Tomorrow will be a brand new cartoon. Good news: After Christmas, C'est la Vie will resume its Sunday color editions since I'll be completely done with testing! From then on it should be smooth sailing without any reruns.

Thanks to everyone that's been voting on buzzcomix! We've moved all the way up to the 160s since last Sat-Sun (when we were in the 1000s) Remember you can vote once everyday- let's see if we can bring C'est la Vie in the top ten!




Well now that I have all the proper website uploading tools on my computer, there shouldn't be any more problems with getting this site updated on time.

I made some banners for this website today, which I'll probably put up on the site tomorrow or Sunday, so if you want to link me to your site, feel free to use those. Some of you have been asking how they can spread the word about the site, and this is one good way to do that. Other than that, you can just tell all your friends and family to about "C'est la Vie."

Anyway, off to do more work!




Sorry today's cartoon is up so late. Not all of the website files are on my computer, so I rely on another computer to do my updates.Unfortunately last night I didn't have access to that computer because I was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in Downtown LA watching the opera "Carmen." It was very nice.

Today I'm going to see "The Incredibles," since I've heard nothing but good reviews about it (I suppose one shouldn't expect anything less from a Pixar film- though I am skeptical about their movie "Cars") Anyway, let's hope the theater I go to isn't filled with screaming children.

Have a good weekend!




For those of you that haven't dropped by the forum, there's an announcement that Dave Johnson of Dog Complex made the jump from Sherpa to MyComicsPage! Many congratulations to him.

Finally if anyone has any advice for me about law school personal statement writing, please drop me a line at jen_babcock(at) I'm trying to think of a good way to say, "I'm interesting in studying criminal law because it sounds like the least boring thing I could possibly do at law school."

Let's hope November is good to everyone.